Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Truth About Doctors

Most people think it and more and more people are saying it... DOCTORS SUCK. Doctors will make all sorts of excuses for why they suck and they will try to explain away and shift the blame for their suckiness but the buck stops with them. They helped cause the health care industry to suck and they need to get off their greedy arrogant asses and fix it. If they can't or if they won't then we need to shit in their lying mouths.

This is based on reported salaries. American MDs especially orthopedic and neurosurgeons like that cocksucker Ben Carson make a fortune every year in kickbacks, bribes and theft. Civilized countries have rules about kickbacks for MDs, In spite of the fact that American MD are the highest paid in the world and in spite of the fact Americans pay 3 times the world average for health care American health care is rated 37th for quality by the World Health Organization.

Doctors are more deadly than guns, cancer, terrorists, automobile accidents and heart disease.

The above estimate is probably low. Medical errors, drug induced death, death from medical devices and death from health care acquired infections are under reported.

Americans Hate Their Doctors and For Good Reasons

Go to Google or Bing and type in the words "doctors are". Then type in "doctors are" and place a letter after and  watch the suggestions google gives you.

Study: US Healthcare Costs Are So High Because Doctor Fees Are So High

American MDs are not only uncaring bastards, they are greedy uncaring bastards. If some doctors starts whining about medical malpractice insurance premiums tell him to go fuck himself. On average malpractice premiums is about 1% of their revenue. That is cheap compared to what truckers or contractors pay.

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  1. To any MDs reading this... FUCK YOU!


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