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Kevin Parker Depraved Son Of Depraved Republican SC Rep Steve Parker

Many of the Republicans running for president have very dysfunctional and toxic family dynamic resulting is fucked up kids. Republican family values do nut just reflect the depravity of Republicans on a state level but on a state and local level as well. Kevin Parker son of SC Rep Steve Parker has once again been arrested for a depraved sex crime. This time, instead of his usually indecent exposure this perverted product of Republican spawn placed a hidden camera in a ladies room.

Kevin Parker of Boiling Springs pleads guilty in string of ...

Spartanburg Herald‑Journal
Apr 19, 2012 - Parker, the son of state RepSteve Parker, was sentenced to time served and five years probation, to be served in Spartanburg. He had been a ...

Convicted Peeper Kevin Parker Arrested After Recording ...

16 hours ago - Kevin Allen Parker was arrested Friday night, after a recording device was ... Parker is the son of Steve Parker, a former state representative.

Kevin Parker New Final Mug
Less than three years after a conviction related to the USC Upstate peeping cases, a former Spartanburg State Representative’s son is facing more charges.

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Kevin Allen Parker was arrested Friday night, after a recording device was reportedly discovered in a bathroom at Delaney’s in Downtown Spartanburg.
From the police report:
“The outlet appeared to be out of place and didn’t match, at that point it fell off the wall. The device was actually a hidden camera disguised as an electrical outlet. The two took it to their table to show their dad and boyfriend.”
The father of the two sisters who found the device, tells me his daughters were in a bathroom stall when the device fell to the floor. It appeared disguised as some type of outlet and he says it took them a few minutes to figure out what it was.
NEW just interviewed the daughter’s about the bathroom discovery.
At just about that time, he says Kevin Parker approached,  showed them a fake badge, said he was an undercover cop, and left with the device. The father tells me they reported it to police and he was arrested a short time later.
“As soon as they got to the table Mr Parker approached them and flashed a badge. He stated that he was an undercover officer and had been watching someone all night and needed the device. He took the device went to the bar staff and stated I’m going to put this in evidence…”
The father says police told him the badge and device were still in Parker’s possession and officers found 90 different recordings on it.  Officers told the father, the camera was installed backward so it wound up only recording audio and black video.

“At that point Officer Wrennall was approaching and Mr Parker point to him and stated that’s my backup go talk to him. Mr. Parker than tried to get away…”
“Officer Wrennall conducted a search of Mr Parkers person and located a plastic silver in color “Super Police” badge with #123456 in his front pants pocket, in his rear pocket was the camera device.”
Spartanburg County Detention Records show Parker is charged with one charge of impersonating a law officer and two counts of voyeurism.
According to a screen grab of the jail record, Parker was released hours after being booked into the jail.

Our partners at the Herald Journal covered Parker’s trial in depth, and reported that he was sentenced to time served plus five years probation in April of 2012, after pleading guilty but mentally ill to 13 different charges relating to exposing himself and entering the rooms of students from USC Upstate.

At the time the judge said he would wait 18 months to decide if Parker should be on the sex offender registry in South Carolina. I checked the registry and Parker is not on it.

Both the Sheriff and Chief of Police complained in The Herald Journal, about what they called a light sentence in 2012.

LISTEN to the victim’s father describe his frustration that someone with a history of similar activity was released with no bond.

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