Sunday, October 4, 2015

Most Republican Women Are Brutal Shallow Bitches, Republican Psychos Carly Fiorina is No Exception

Fiorina like most women is a shallow and brutal bitch. When she wrecked Hewlitt Packard and Luncent she blamed everyone but her brutal narcissistic self. Brutal bitches like her become  CEOs, thieving Republican politicians, or reality-TV-show stars. Because Fiorina is a dumb cunt the only comment she could make wast to say “sooo yesterday” referring the the hair of her opponent, Sen. Barbara Boxer, which was picked up by a mike that was on when Fiorina clearly thought it was off. 

Fat girls and Republican psycho bitches are the cattiest and most shallow.

Barbara Boxer MILF

Carly Fiorina WOOF!

Another example if brutal Republican bitches concerns a “shoving incident” involving Meg Whitman, a Republican and former eBay CEO who ran for governor of California. According to The New York Times, when she was eBay chief, Whitman became so angry at an employee that she “forcefully” pushed her. When the employee threatened to sue, the company countered with a reported settlement of about $200,000, and Whitman now praises the employee’s “thorough professionalism.” The story revived accounts of Whitman’s tough behavior as a boss who, according to the Times, “would often express sharp bursts of anger toward employees whose work or preparation she found lacking.”

Michele Bachmann gives new meaning to the word squeamish. In a nutshell .. this nut case … is NUTS … and a LIAR.You can practically hear the air being sucked out of the room when she speaks. Her face contorts … eyes pop … her mouth opens and out comes …. Bullshit de Jour!!  Historical missteps a top a heaping pile of .. nicey .. nice. Michele serves up Bullshit  like a warm Betty Crocker brownie to a crowd of mental midgets. - See more at:


 The cognizant(i) understand the differences between Reagan and Regan. Reagan was a failed President  while Regan spun her head around until it almost fell off. Enter Ann “Regan” Coulter. This woman is the title of her book .. she is Demonic. Her quotes are vitriolic poison.
Regan .. errr ..Ann on the 9/11 widows: “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.” 
If you ask Ann if she meant that statement on appearances alone,  she will be the first one to tell you … absolutely.
On Muslims:
 “We should invade their country, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” To name a few  - See more at:

Joni Ernst, IA-Sen: When it comes to the Senate, all connoisseurs of train wrecks in the making are expecting great things from the Sarah Palinesque Joni Ernst. A far-right conspiracy theorist who coasted through the election on reporter fluff pieces and stories of pig castration, Ernst will join—and perhaps top—the Senate contingent of Republican believers in all things conspiratorial and insane. Think Michele Bachmann, but in the Senate. Think yourcrazy grandpa and his forwarded chain letters, but in the Senate. Think that person who accosts you at lunch one day with their theories of how Agenda 21 will be allowing cows to vote and forcing humans into tent cities—but in the actual Senate. Think Ted Cruz, but—well, think Ted Cruz. Ernst's campaign showed two and only two settings, either ducking the press like a hunted submarine or engaging in word salads that rival the best Palinisms. We expect great things from her.

Pig castration is cruel!

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