Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Voice For Men A Feminist Hoax?

What's the difference between a band of Pygmies and a girl's track team? One a group of cunning runts. Feminists may not be smart but they are indeed cunning. I Fat Bastardo have been battling feminism for years and I thought that I could impart some wisdom to the fledgling men's rights movement so I graciously offered my insight to a Voice for Men via their forum. Here is what happened in the short lived thread Fat Bastardo Here

Either the "men" there are a bunch of whining pussies or they are feminists posing as men and as we know feminssts are whining cunts why wish they were men. Moreover, men who can't handle crazy bitches are crazy bitches themselves.

Fat Bastardo Here

I joined this site so that I can contribute to the debate is what seems like the age old battle of the sexes. I hope to bring some logic and reason to this issue with out pulling any punches.

I use parody to discredit bullshit and this third wave feminism is complete and utter bullshit. When you combine it with political correctness it because a very nasty combination.

I am also a man of science and science literally mean knowledge. Science is the great debunker.

I take feminism to task. I point out its hypocrisies and absurdities. While I think in theory feminism may have some merit, in practice it has been a disaster. Feminists need to be mocked and ridiculed and exposed and that is what I do.

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