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Ben Carson's Cancer Scam

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Gideon Resnick gives us the rundown on Ben Carson’s shady statements about his disease and the way he went about curing it.
Ben Carson credited a nutritional supplement for helping save his life fromcancer, yet he never mentioned it during interviews about his illness until he started shilling for its manufacturer.
Carson was a spokesman for Mannatech, which claimed its “glyconutrients” could treat cancer, autism, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. “The wonderful thing about a company like Mannatech is that they recognize that when God made us, He gave us the right fuel,” Carson said in a 2013 speech praising the company. During the 2nd Republican debate, he denied any involvement with Mannatech. 
Carson even credited the supplements as being powerful enough that he didn’t need surgery for advanced prostate cancer. Dallas Weekly reported in a 2004 interview that Carson “said his decision to have a medical procedure resulted from his concern for those people who might neglect traditional medical procedures because they had learned of his personal experience with supplements.”

Ben Carson's stealing valor: GOP hopeful admits to lying ...

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The neurosurgeon told Dallas Weekly that he had his prostate removed to be a role model.
“I knew that other people with my condition might not have been as religious about taking the supplements as I had been,” Carson said…
The doctor also scheduled the prostate surgery just six weeks after the initial diagnosis, suggesting that he thought the surgery—and not supplements alone—was necessary to save his life…
Mannatech was sued by the state of Texas in 2009 and forced to pay consumers $4 million and promise to prevent their representatives from alleging that products like glyconutrients cure any disease of any kind.

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