Friday, November 6, 2015

Ben Carson's Long History Of Medical Malpractice

Ben Carson
Karly Bailey One of Ben Carson's Victims!

Unless you've been living under a rock then you must know that Dr Benjamin Carson Republican candidate for president is one lying slippery son of a bitch but you may not know that his reputation of being a great neurosurgeon is bullshit as well. Ben Carson is a sloppy and reckless butcher.

Criminal multi millionaire medical quack Ben Carson has faced public allegations of improper medical care from former patients in the past, led mostly by Karly Bailey, whose face was paralyzed as a result of tumor-removing surgery. Her lawsuit is still pending in a Baltimore City circuit court.
“I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, you couldn’t understand me at all,” Bailey toldThe Guardian in early 2015. Her family set up a website called the Karly Bailey Story to help spread the word of Carson’s alleged malpractice, complete with a GoFundMe donation link on the homepage. 

In his greed and recklessness Carson performed an unnecessary procedure and an unnecessary surgery on Mary Perna.  Carson was either too greedy to read the MRI report or he simply operated on this woman out of his well known depraved greed. 

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Perna was suffering from multiple sclerosis and by October of 1994, she had facial pain on the left side of her face and vision problems that “were virtually unchecked,” despite the prescription medication that she was taking.
She was referred to Carson, who performed two glycerine rhizotomy procedures, basically an injection of the chemical glycerol into the brain to reduce nerve pain—but  Perna’s symptoms, and  her pain actually got worse.
Carson then suggested that a more invasive operation be done—a microvascular decompression, which involves a partial removal of the cranium in order to separate a nerve from “adjacent structures.”

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Had lying greedy charlatan Ben Carson read the MRI report he would have known that that Perna had lesions on her brain stem as a result of her MS, making the micro-vascular decompression essentially useless. Criminal Ben Carson didn’t review Perna’s MRI before conducting all three procedures.
All in all Ben Carson has been sued at least 8 times for medical malpractice and there is no telling how many out of court settlements he and Johns Hopkins paid off to keep his and Johns Hopkins phony reputation intact.
There you have it folks, Ben Carson's reputation as a brilliant surgeon is total bullshit. To put it in the common parlance; as a surgeon Ben Carson was a fuck up and as a human being he is one evil son of a bitch.

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