Friday, November 20, 2015

CNN Suspends Elise Labott For Her Honesty and Patriotism

CNN aka Corporate News Network suspended reporter Elise Labott and then forced her to apologize for telling the truth. CNN called it editorializing. WTF! that is mostly what cable news is. I, Fat Bastardo, have my staff looking into who suspended Ms Labott for her patriotic remarks on Twitter.

House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish @CNNPolitics

In the meantime CNN has human trash talkers like bribe taker Dr Drew Pinhead Pinsky, medical
industry whore Dr Sanjay Gupta and Nancy DisGrace lying their ass off on their infotanement channel HLN.

Dr Drew's Net Worth is $20 MILLION

Dr Drew Pinsky was paid $250,000 dollars by corporate criminal GlaxoSmithKline and $150,000 Jannson Pharmaceutical a division criminal medical giant Johnson & Johnson of  for illegally promoting the drug Wellbutrin. Dr Drew shamelessly exploited and berated people with addiction on one of his other shows and before that he was a co-host on the sophomoric and misogynistic Man Show with village idiot Adam Corrolla. Pinsky, like most corporate whore MD will suck any dick for money.

Sanjay the shill Gupta's Net Worth is $4.5 Million

Gupta is snake. At one time he had a blog. He was whoring for the vaccine makers. I posted a question. The question was, "what are the autism rates in countries that don't vaccinate with American vaccines. The question was removed and I Fat Bastardo was banned. Whore Gupta was saying the vaccines don't cause autism.

There are a lot of medical whores like Drew Pinsky and Gupta.  Liar Dr Oz, liar and cry baby Rand Paul, liar and thief Bill Frist and psychopath Dr Ben Carson come to mind.

Nancy Grace's Salary

$5 Million Per Year

Nancy Grace and her fellow media whore Diane Dimond helped to put Michael Jackson in an early grave with their lies about him. Jackson's lawyer and friend Tom Mesereau should sue whores Nancy Grace, Diane Dimond and CNN for their lies about Michael. Where was media whore Nancy Grace when deadly doctors killed Joan Rivers. Why wasn't she hounding them like she hounded and innocent Michael Jackson? Why not, because she's a whore who works for whore and her audience are fucking morons but morons buy shit and one of the things morons buy is deadly American health care.

CNN aka Corporate News Network is a Whore Hou$e!

America faces serious threats from the Islamists but those threats pale in comparison with several greater threats with the first being, political correctness. Elise Labott simply said what many Americans are thinking.

CNN has no problem with paying liars and dangerous shills so long as they generate income but God forbid anyone from actually telling the truth. The suits at CNN will come down on you like a ton of bricks is a Nazi style propagandist manner.

Elise Labott made an honest and patriotic statement consistent with true American ideals and the corporate gangsters and censors at CNN kicked he ass for it. If she was filthy rich like Dr Oz, Dr Drew, Dr Gupta, Nancy Grace she could afford to tell CNN to go fuck itself but she can't afford to do it in spite of the fact that she has more integrity than most people. She will also not become filthy rich because she has more integrity than most people especially the whore who work at and run CNN.

To CNN and the power hungry asshole who suspended her: If you do not apologize to her, lift her suspension and triple her salary... quadruple her salary I will refer her to the best employment lawyer in the US and I will continue to drag CNN's whores through the mud. Further, CNN will fire Nancy Grace, Sanjay Gupta, and Dr Drew. After that CNN will report on the American medical holocaust.

CNN will produce a nightly prime time show called Medical Holocaust that will be dedicated to reporting on the criminal activity and carnage of the the American medical industry. CNN will no long accept advertising from the medical industry.

When it comes to politics CNN will use the word LIAR when they are dealing with liars. When A politician lies more than 3 times as confirmed by Politifact he or she will be referred to by CNN as Liar Ben Carson or Liar Chris Christie or Liar Jeb Bush or liar David the shitter Vitter or Liar Marco Rubio, Liar Carly Firoina.

These are my terms. This post will go viral. Count on it.

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