Sunday, November 22, 2015

Organic Food vs GMO Food

Organic food really is more nutritious and far safer than the food available to most people and yes Monsanto lies a lot and fudges safety data. If you think agri-business foods are safe and wholesome, think again.  If you vote Republican please eat only GMO, food and smoke Lucky Strike while you play in traffic.

Bottom line is, the FDA is an industry lap dog and not a consumer watch dog. This is what happens in a Nazi style corpocracy run by the criminal elite. 

The 1% wants you and your kids sickly in order to increase medical industry revenue because all you are to these corporate gangsters are slaves and cash vending machines. Currently 20% of the US GDP is health care and half of that 20% is derived by industry fraud. 

We need to return to the family farm and get guillotines ready for the 1%. 

There appear to be no consistent differences in the level of vitamins and minerals in organic versus conventionally grown produce, but organic fruits and vegetables have more phenolic phytonutrients.


5 Most Horrifying Things You Should Know About Monsanto ...

Organic food consumption appears to reduce exposure to pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Test tube studies show advantages of organic produce, such as better cancer cell growth suppression.

Genetically engineered soybeans have significantly higher pesticide residues than organic or conventional non-GMO soy.

The safety of food additives is determined not by the FDA, but by the manufacturers of the chemicals themselves.


  1. Actually... in Asia, the more developed and affluent countries have expanding waistlines. Although it isn't anywhere near the extent of western countries, it's still happening.

    I would say eating mainly fresh food is a start. It's delicious, nutritious and there's the tendency to feel full more quickly. This, coupled with moderate exercise, helps some of us remain slim.

    Portion sizes have grown larger with the increase in disposable incomes. It's up to an individual whether or not to spend more money on food or other items.

    You're a sensible dude and write meaningful posts. I'm glad to see in another post that you're doing something about your health. If you need any tips, please feel free to give me a buzz or drop by my blog. I have recipes and tips for women looking to drop the weight and I hope they benefit you.

    More people need to call out the lies the fat acceptance members perpetuate. All the best.

    1. In the US in the 60's and 70's the obesity rate was 3% but since then portions sizes have grown and the food industry has created food that is addictive. They spend millions on creating flavorings. Hedonism has been on the rise for sometime and as a result American culture has become food centric. Everything revolves are around.

      I have a blog called Bigger Fatter Blog and I used it to mock the fat acceptance movement. The angry jealous fat girls flagged my blog google deindexed it. Bigger Fatter Blog was getting more page views than all the other fat acceptance sites combined. I also received death threats from those psychos.

      Fat Acceptance is pretty much dying. NAAFA is a shell of what it once was. Back in the early 2000's NAFFA go called out on feederism. Thier site was hosted by a guy named Conrad Blickenstorfer and Conrad has a site called Dimension that is devoted to feederism. Many of the NAAFA girls were into feederism while denying that they over ate claiming that their obesity was due to genetics and that required them to deny the laws of physics. When that lie no longer worked they adopted this bullshit called HAES which means Health At Every Size. HAES is patently absurd and what makes it funny is the founder of HAES is a wacko named Linda Bacon. Sometimes satire just writes itself. About the time these fat sow were embracing HAES they formed a coalition with radical feminism and the movement has pretty much died since then.

      I was accused of being a fat person hater which is lie. My criticism of fat acceptance is not hating fat people but I do call out bullshit when I hear it.

      Fat people are in a sense victims of the corporate food industry but they also have a choice and while it is more difficult to eat responsibly in America it is still possible. Fat people can eat responsibly and lose weight but they don't. It's not a matter of can't. it is a matter of won't. Obesity is a result of food choices and lifestyle choices.


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