Sunday, November 8, 2015

Republican 2016 Candidates

It's Ben called a clown show but it's actually more like a perp walk because most of the candidate have a criminal past. The biggest criminals are Christie, Firorina, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush. The only ones who have not been exposed as criminals are Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump.

Jeb Bush... Lawful Evil and Chaotic EVIL

BushToll | Documenting the Bush Legacy of Failure

Ben Carson... Chaotic Evil (Extremely EVIL) Ben Carson's Shady Past

Chris Christie...  Chaotic Evil

Ted Cruz... Chaotic Evil

Carly Fiorina... Lawful Evil

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore said Wednesday he is running for the GOP nomination for president and will make an official announcement the first week in August. Jim Gilmore... Chaotic Evil: Turns out Gilmore filed false information on his campaign disclosure forms, obscuring his ties to the Virginia-based company Windmill International.

Lindsey Graham... Lawful Evil 

Mike Huckabee Chaotic Evil  (Extremely EVIL)

Bobby Jindal Lawful Evil 

John Kasich...  Lawful Evil

George Pataki...  Lawful Evil? Neutral? We do know that he's stupid.

Rand Paul...  Lawful Evil and Chaotic EVIL Occasionally good

Marco Rubio........  Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil 

Rick Santorum..... Chaotic Evil 

Rick Santorum's Skeleton Closet - The Skeleton Closet

Donald Trump... Chaotic Good

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