Monday, November 2, 2015

Sinful Cindy Gamrat False Christian Republican Home Wrecker

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Sinful Cindy is tea bagging douche bagging Christian slut who was removed from the Michigan State House of Representative for having and affair with another depraved Christian tea party Republican Rep named Todd Courser who is also married and has kids. 

Like Carly Fiorina this brutal bitch is a homewrecking harlot and a lying sack of shit. This slut Cindy and Todd Courser are so power hungry that they are running in the special election that is set to replace them. 

Here's what it says on her Twitter Page. Send this twa some tweets.

Conservative Christian Cocksucker

Cindy Gamrat


Mom of 3 Amazing Kids, Constitutional Conservative, Christian
 Plainwell, MI
 Joined May 2013


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