Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm With Stupid: Daily News Headline

There is a new way to spell depravity and it's R E P U B L I C AN. Half term governor Sarah Palin has just endorsed Donald Trump. As we know all of Jeb and George W Bush's kids have been arrested, Rand Paul's son was arrested twice, Ben Carson broke the law and violated the Hippocratic oath in his dealings with Mannatech, Ted Cruz took illegal money from Goldman Sachs. As you can see Republicans are quite depraved and lawless and their base is even worse.

Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump is interesting. Sarah's daughter Bristol has managed to get herself knocked up twice and now we find out Sarah Palin's son arrested for domestic violence at Alaska home.  More depravity from Republicans rears it's ugly head. I must ask what the Daily News headline really means. Does it mean that Trump is stupid for accepting and endorsement from a depraved slut like Sarah Palin? We all know that Sarah Palin in dumber than a box of rocks so does it mean that Trump is with "stupid"? I think it means that the both are stupid. Palin is just stupid and Trump is stupid for excepting her endorsement. Is he really stupid for accepting her endorsement? I think not because there is one thing even more stupid and more depraved than Sarah Palin and that is the Republican voter.

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