Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ten Reasons Why Fat Women Suck.

1. They look like hell. Fat women are an eyesore the look even more repulsive naked.

2. They are unelathy. Most have some sort of chronic illness.

3. They have an offensive odor.
4. They are jealous of slender women.
5. They make horrible mothers. e.g. Toxic wombs, high risk pregnancies and bad role models

6. They are far more likely to have an STD.

7. They have lower IQ's than slender women.

8. They are estrogen dominant.

9. They have bad attitudes.

10. They are extemely selfish.


  1. #4. Right there. Totally accurate. And the woman in the first photo looks like all her features are squashed into the centre of her face.


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