Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Replacement for Obamacare


I'll begin with the facts: 

Health care in quality the US ranks lowest in the industrialized world.

Americans pay 3 times the world average for health care.

The medical industry has not eradicated a disease since polio.

Not all Americans have health care. Many are still falling through the cracks.

Currently health care is close to 20% of the US GDP.

1/3 to 1/2 of what Americans pay for healthcare goes to pay for waste and fraud.

The operating costs for Medicare is far less than private insurance.

Obamacare is unconstitutional in that it requires people to obtain health care insurance through private insurers and there are three levels of coverage. That violates the equal protection under the law concept.

The biggest criminal fines in America are against medical corporations. 

Most medical industry boards of directors contain a couple of banksters.

Obamacare is only marginally better than the chaos and theft it replaced.

My Proposal

The biggest driver of costs in health care next to corporate fraud is disease. The corporate medical industry has no financial motive to cure anything and in fact the medical industry profits highly from "managing" disease, treating health care acquired infections and medical errors both of which are rampant in American hospitals. Defective medical devices and adverse drug reactions account for even more windfall profits for the industry. If we could eliminate some of the big money diseases such as cancer, artery disease, spine problems, MS, diabetes, and RA not only would we reduce the cost of wellness be eliminating disease we would eliminate opportunities for greedy doctors and medical corporations from shamelessly exploiting and further injuring the people who suffer from these diseases. 

A non industry agency comprised of medical scientists whose only mission is to cure and eradicate diseases is vital to getting costs under control. Currrently the greed driven medical industry views disease as an opportunity to create more obscene profits. The US could for once take the moral high ground either sharing or licencing these cures with friendly countries. That would make American great again.

Single Payer via Medicare for Everyone

Private insurance is very expensive, very confusing and often a scam. Medicare has much lower overhead costs and if a doctor or a hospital tries to defraud Medicare it would be a federal crime. Putting greedy corporate types in prison is never a bad thing. If American MDs are unhappy with the reimbursements from Medicare they can go fuck themselves.

Having cutting edge cures and results based medicine in place of greed based medicine would discourage the millions of Americans who go outside the US for treatment because they would be able to get better treatment in the US and it would encourage foreign patients to come here for treatment and that would be good for the economy.

Federal Licencing of Doctors

All doctors and health care personnel will be held to high standards. State could have stricter licencing standards as well.

Free Medical School

American medical schools are in a large part funded by the medical industry. Students graduating from these schools are poorly trained, overworked as interns and residents and generally of low moral character. Tuition is ridiculously high for medical school. In France where health care is number one  for quality in the world admission to medical school is based on grades not the money someone is wlling to borrow.

Eliminate State Medical Boards

State medical boards are quasi governmental organizations comprised of mostly doctors with an agenda. Even if a medical board strips a bad doctor of his licence he can still be licenced in another state.

Bad Doctors, and the US has 1000's of them should be banned from medicine for life. If Pete Rose can be banned from baseball rottem MD should be banned from medicine.

Proper Regulation of Doctors

American MDs are currently held to very low standards. Board certifications are a sham. Doctors are allowed to work sleep deprived especially during their internships and residencies. There are rules on how long a truck driver can be behind the wheel and as a result truck driver are not injuring and killing 1000's of people everyday unlike greedy sleep deprived medical doctors who are a menace to public health. 

Medical industry vendor will be forbidden from medical training or any sort of testing or granting of CEUs.

Doctors participating in PODs will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Doctors will be forbidden from receiving any form of compensation from drug and device companies.

Bill fraud will be punished by prison sentences only. No more buying justice. 

Kickback schemes will be considered felonies punishable by minimum ten years sentences.

Maximum Income Levels for Doctors

There needs to be parity among the various specialties. Doctors will be paid by the government a tax free minimum base salary of $100,000 depending on their specialty, performance, location and experience. If they bitch about that they should be kicked in the throat. The top compensation for MD will not exceed $200,000 per year tax free. Doctors can receive tax free bonuses for outstanding work. 

Government Run Medical Research

Eventually medical research would be be self sustaining. We start by confiscating the ill gotten wealth of big pharma and its upper management and use it to set up government research labs. We deNazify their research scientists they way we deNazified people like Werner von Braun and the other German Nazi rocket scientists. We pay them a a decent wage and get them to tell us about any hidden cures they may have discovered which are currently being hidden.

When cures are discovered we being implementing them. 


The average American pays $9000 per capita for health care in the US Medicare would cut that cost by nearly 1/2 leaving Americans with more disposable income. The obscene monetizing of disease and human suffering is immoral and no decent society would ever do it but it has been decades since American society was moral. Health care is more than a right it is a moral responsibility of a society to its people because the cures belong to the people.

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