Monday, March 14, 2016

How Fat Acceptance Killed Itself

For a long time I have said that fat acceptance, the angry jealous fat girl gluttony denying kind wasn't dead but that is just smelled that way. Fat acceptance has been in its death throes for about 8 years and like fat people it died slowly e.g. a stroke here, diabetic blindness there, a heart attack here, cancer there, a diabetic amputation here, clogged arteries there. It would appear that third wave fat acceptance has been mercifully removed from life support and has finally died.

The last bastion of fat acceptance was a very retarded site called Fierce Free Thinking Fatties. There certainly was not free thinking or free expression allowed on that site. If you didn't agree that diets are bad and everybody is mean to fat people and that being fat has no health risks they would not allow you to express your opinion let alone state medical facts.

Everyday the owner of Fierce Non Thinking Fatties would post an article whining about fat people and the cruel cruel world they are forced to live in. WTF!! 75% of Americans are fat slobs. Fat people are being mean to fat people?! It's true that fat girls are meant to fat guys but hell, fat girls are mean to everyone. That's just how those miserable yeast beasts are. The owner or someone else associated with Fierce Big Stinking Fatties would post an article often accompanied by the words "trigger warning." Only a crazy cunt would say something like that.

As their leader, some fat ass calling himself Shannon spouted deadly delusions daily. He would name each day of the week. For instance he would call Monday, Metamorphosis Monday and I suppose with all that extra flab and body parts those piggies were actually morphing into something other than human. If I, Fat Bastardo were to rename Monday I would call it Meat Face Monday. They call Friday, Frankly Friday and I'd call it Fat Ass Friday. They call Wednesday Wishful Wednesday but I would call it Wipe My Fat Ass Wednesday... You get the idea.

UPDATE: Fierce Free Thinking Fatties is now off line!

The last post to appear on Fierce Fatties was on February 23 2015. Nearly four months and no new articles. What happened? Did the owner finally grow a pair, develop a conscience and realize he was full of shit? Did he buy the farm and no I am not talking about Pepperidge Farms?

The other bastion of blubber was Big Fat Blog. The last article there was posted on February 24 2013.

Kate Harding has crawled back into her hole.

Kelly Bliss is missing in action.

Joy Nash of fat rant fame is no longer posting her tiresome Youtube diatribes.

This is what happens to a movement that squelches speech and is fueled by insanity and paranoia. It eventually ossifies, collapses under its own weight of stupidity, ignorance and bad ideas and eventually it dies. This is what has happened to 3rd wave fat acceptance. Sorry fat girls, MeMe Roth did not kill fat acceptance with her truth and logic. Like a gormandizing glutton on a year long food binge, fat acceptance killed itself.


  1. Some stopped writing, some turned it into body positivity instead. It's the latest buzzword and just as bad as fat acceptance.

    1. It's more and more bullshit coming from those big fat liars.

  2. Body positivity is good, just not in extremes. curvy, well proportioned women are beautiful. This will probably be between size 6 to 10 depending on the person. Bigger than that is no longer curvy or healthy.


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