Wednesday, May 11, 2016

America's Biggest Liar

This is sort of like the UFC championships. It keeps changing. It used to that Newt Gingrich was considered the biggest liar. Then we had Mitt Romney who was outdone by Paul Ryan, then liars like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson came along. Now we have Donald Trump.

True Trump only tells the complete truth 2% of the time.

Mostly True Trump only tells most of the truth 6% of the time.

Half True Trump tells 1/2 the truth  15% of the time.

Mostly False Trump tells mostly lies 15% of the time.

False Trump tells outright lies 43% of the time.

Pants on Fire Trump tells whoppers a whopping 18% of the time.

Congratulations Donald,  you beat Ted Cruz!

UpdateTrump’s Yuuge Lies, by Ian Tuttle, National Review Even the National Review thinks the Donald is a liar.
Even conservative publications are exposing him for the liar he is but Republican voters don't care. The National Review calls Trump a liar and his supporters fools.


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