Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Message For Social Justice Warriors

Male privilege, White privilege, thin privilege, and religious persecution are all themes of the social justice warriors. What a bunch of bullshit. Men die sooner than women. Men do more dangerous work and men put up with bitchy fucking cunts for wives and girlfriends. White men are responsible for nearly every technology the world has. For all you whiners go live in a fucking cave and die. Slender women have no particular privilege. It is the fat girls who have the privilege of being fat and irresponsible food slut who are constantly talking shit about the responsible non-gluttonous slender women. As to the CCCs conservative Christian cocksuckers, criticizing your bullshit religion is not persecution. If you wish to experience true persecution go to a street corner and preach there and see how long it takes for somebody to chop off your fat ugly ignorant head.

The first thing that needs to be said to your hypocrites is a resounding FUCK YOU! There is at least one truth when it comes to the easily offended, you assholes live to be offended so that you can express your phony moral outrage. These intellectual dishonest and intellectually lazy malcontents can't even find a legitimate cause. Generally, they are with retarded and hateful movements such as Black Lives Matter, feminism, and fat acceptance. One thing they all have in common is that they all love playing they victim and they have no solution to cure the perceived injustice other than bitch about it.

Rebels without a cause? Not really. They are more like a bunch of fucking crybabies who need a good hard slap of reality. These lying sacks of shit are picking causes where there is no clearly defined problem and usually no problem at all. This works out well for them because it gives them the ability to move the goal post and reinvent the issues. You won't find them getting behind real causes such as global warming, the medical holocaust where 2 million Americans are killed by the health care system, the systematic dismantling of the constitution warrantless searches, police brutality (just watch Youtube, spying by the NSA, Microsoft, and Google etc.. Addressing the aforementioned issues requires intelligence, analysis and critical thinking, something foreign to the knee-jerk mentality of the social justice warrior.

Social justice warriors are not only lefties. Righties are also SJWs. The biggest example of this is their war on faith lies and the war on Christmas. The assholes on the right also enjoy playing the victim under the guise of religious persecution.

Since feminists, fat feminists, Christards, race baiters, etc.. are too stupid and dishonest to do anything but lie, bitch and moan the best thing for them to do is to STFU before somebody slaps the shit out of you.

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