Friday, August 19, 2016

Putin Tied To Olympic Doping

Donald Trump's butt buddy and bromance partner Vladimir Putin had been linked to the doping massive Russian doping scandal. Leave it to a Trump lover and a Hillary hater to be such a shameless cancer of the asshole deserving cheat. Not even Adolf Hitler and the Nazis tolerated cheating in the Olympics even though they knew Jessie Owens would kick the shit out of them.

Speaking of kicking shit; I think it is time to kick Russia out of the Olympics for good!

Russia cheated Olympics with plot straight out of a spy novel: How Putin's secret police used 'mouse hole' in lab wall to swap steroid-laced urine with clean samples in state-sponsored doping scandal 

  • New report has exposed Russia in state-sponsored doping scandal 
  • Commission was led by Canadian law professor Dr Richard McLaren
  • Almost every sport in Russia implicated in systemic doping and cover-up
  • State-sponsored doping occurred across majority of Olympic Sports 
  • At least 577 positive tests were covered up from 2012 to 2015 
  • A 'mouse hole' in the Sochi testing laboratory allowed for urine-swapping

BREAKING NEWS: After months of sucking whiney bitch's Donald Trump's cock, Vladimir Putin announces he's not only gay but now confirms he's super super gay.

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