Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Where Are The Protest Songs?

This article is one in a series of articles I will be writing about the demise of music and the music industry as we know it. Music and particularly the song form has been a vehicle of communication and propaganda. The Nazis used songs to spread their agenda. The American colonists wrote broadside ballads. The war and civil rights protestors had their songs and even commercial stars like Elvis Presley wrote and released songs asking for social and political change.

Today's music IMO is being used to create false narratives and drive a wedge in order to splinter, confuse and anesthetize the masses. When John Lennon was saying All We Need is Love, Give Peace a Chance, Power to the People and Imagine having nothing to kill or die for the "powers that were" tried their best to silence him and eventually they did.  Phil Ochs who wrote, I Ain't Marchin Any More, Too Many Martrys  and who asked in his song Is There Anybody Here "Is there anybody here who thinks that following an order takes away the blame?" was also snuffed out before his time. The criminal elite war profiteers saw how effective music was in bringing about change in the consciousness and now they are using it as a propaganda weapon against the masses.

One of the few modern instrumental bands who writes socially conscious passionate music is Voodoo Court  whose music takes on issues like nuclear war and the destruction of our environment. Knowing the power of the 12 tones that make up Western music the powers that be fucked Voodoo Court much like the church banned the augmented 4th by calling it the "chord of evil" keeping the masses dumbed down and fearful so that they will worship the invisible sky God and fear the boogie man who lives in the bowels - you know, the guy who challenged authority who came in the form of a talking snake who actually gave the thought slaves Adam and Eve knowledge and the ability to think for themselves.

Long ago, one of my art professors told me not to paint unless I had a good motive to do so. The best music is the music written for a noble reason. Beethoven's third symphony Eroica is a prime example of that. Voodoo Court is the modern day Beethoven in that respect.

I've written several articles on the demise of music and I am not blaming the listener or the artist. In this one, I suggest a conspiracy theory and like a lot of conspiracy theories, what I present sounds plausible. Consider the fact that we are not hearing any protest songs. There were a lot of them back in the day. Country Joe, Dylan, Fogerty, Beatles, Edwin Starr, Thnderclap Newman, The Who, Phil Ochs, Pete Seger, Tom Paxton, David Peal, Joan Baez, Joanie Mitchell, Peter Paul and Mary. The only protest music today are dishonest, intellectually lazy, obtuse rap songs against the police and according to my theory that plays into the hands of the power elite by ginning up the us against them narrative. Whereas the 60's and 70's songs were intelligent, honest and well crafted. Where are songs like that? The last decent protest song I heard was over ten years ago and it was about George W Bush called Idiot Son of as Asshole. 

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