Monday, November 7, 2016

James Comey: The Best FBI Director Money Can Buy

Comey is a corporate gangster who belongs in prison along with pedophile Donald Trump. Comey reported a net worth of more than $11 million in documents filed with the Senate when he was nominated for FBI Director in 2013. He listed about $5 million in stocks, according to CNN.

Price Reduced on FBI Director’s Home. Is this why Trump is able to bribe him so easily?
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The price of FBI Director James Comey’s home on Westway Road in Westport’s Greens Farms area has been reduced to $2.5 million. He purchased the 3.17-acre, seven-bedroom, 2005-built property for $3,050,000 in August 2010 upon taking a job at hedge fund Bridgewater Associates in Westport. It went on the market in June 2015 for $3,395,000, two years after he took the FBI job. The latest reduction in October of $245,000 was the fourth since the original listing. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) MLS photo

Comey is a crooked fucker

In case we needed any more evidence that the corporate mobbed up FBI director James Comey is working behind the scenes to tilt the election in favor of Republican nominee and pedophile Donald Trump, look no further than his front yard.

A search through real estate listings confirms that indeed this is the $3 million house purchased by Comey in 2010.

Comey, a mobbed up Wall Streeter has been the subject of fierce criticism resulting from his decision to reignite Hillary Clinton’s “email controversy” by sending a letter to the House Oversight Committee in regards to the emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which “may” be pertinent.

The emails aren’t to or from Clinton and there’s no evidence that they are actually pertinent to the FBI’s now concluded investigation. His actions were a clear treasonous effort to tamper with the election, and he’s now under investigation for his clear violation of the Hatch Act.  He not only deserves to lose his phony baloney job for this criminal abuse of  office  and for using his agents as political thugs, he should be facing criminal charges because not only did he break the law, he knew what he was doing was completely unlawful. 

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