Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thank You Donald Trump! YOU PROVED IT!

You proved!

During the primaries Trump sunk to new depths of depravity by insulting the wives of and other family members of the candidates. Trump tweeted  horrible things about Cruz's wife Heidi and instead of defending his wife like a real man he eventually campaigned for Trump.

When Trump started on Jeb Bush with his lies and insults Jeb like the pussy that he is went running to his mommy.

When Trump started on Carly Fiorina by saying her face was too ugly to be the president not one Republican on that debate stage defended her honor. 

Here's what I would have said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm an old-fashioned guy when it comes to women and I believe in defending the honor of a woman. Had  Donald insulted my wife in the way he insulted Carly I would have walked across this stage and beat the shit out of him. As to those of you who support this man, I don't want your vote and I will not represent any of you. You'd be smart to watch your mouth Trump" 

Like the bitches they are, every fucking Republican laid down to Trump for fear of offending their deplorable base.

Thank you Donald Trump for exposing the GOP base for the depraved creeps that they are.

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