Monday, November 7, 2016

We've Only Begun to Fight The tRumproids

If you think Trump is bad, think again. Trump is a scumbag but there are many members of the Republican party that are far far worse. Trump is a reflection of the deplorables and the US has a lot of deplorables. The religious and alt-right are the Nazis of our time. I will take it a step further. Hitler didn't kill 6 million Jews. Germans killed 6 million Jews so when the allies dropped fire bombs on Germany they earned it. And when the allies killed 3 million Germans during the occupation the Germans earned it.


It would be nice if we could just kill off all the traitors but until in a purge is officially declared, I would not advocate is nor would I be a part of it, but then again this is a reflection of my own personal morality. I also believe we can fix this without massive bloodshed. IMO we should try to co-opt the deplorables the way the GOP co-opted the tea party.  

Trump is a rodeo clown playing rope a dope and running interference for the oligarchs. They are the command and control and there are not very many of them. Think of what 20 or 30 SEAL teams could do to the criminal power elite if a couple of generals became patriotic enough to go rogue! It would probably only take a few stealth Mafia style hits to get them to give up their wealth. Scumbags are only motivated by two things... fear and money.

Stand and deliver.
Reach for the sky
Stand and deliver
Your money or you die. 

They will deliver with the right motivation! 

This story proved it to me.  The was a kid around 14 who was being picked on at school by a group of rich kid bullies. When he and his family complained to the principal they were pretty much ignored and the bullying got worse. This kid and a friend of his got one of the bullies alone and told him this, "If you don't knock it off I'm going to set your house on fire and when you and your family come running out I'm going to kill you all." The bullying stopped. Fear works on the immoral.

Some of us obey the law because we know that most laws are good we are moral people. Others obey the law out of fear of being punished. The criminal elite is immoral and above the law.

We can bitch about congress until we are blue in the face but we need to realize that the congressmen and senators are for the most part high paid whores as are the heads of most of the government agencies with the FDA being one of the most corrupt.  

We need the police and military on our side and we need to co-opt as many CONS as we can, otherwise, it will get bloody. We have to remain vigilant and on guard. We need to protect the constitution so that it can protect us. 

While it is satisfying beating up the CON scum on the internet, let's take the show on the road! Goad them into taking a swing at you and record it. Get them arrested on felony charges. Make their worthless lives hell by making examples of them. Take their right to vote. Take their right to own guns.

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