Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump Memes Getting Scary and Serious

Hopefully, he will be impeached before somebody dumps him. I think they need to let him screw up for a few years before they take him out. It will probably look like natural causes if it happens and maybe it will be natural causes for real. He's not very healthy.

A lot of very patriotic people want to see Trump gone one way or another but sadly Trumpism is a cancer that will not be excised with the demise of this jackass and Hitler wannabe. American society is toxic and it became toxic way before Trump reared his ugly orange head and opened his shit spewing pie hole. We can thank other criminals like Steve Bannon of Breitbart, Alex Jones of info wars and that other pedophile Sean Hannity as well as trash like Kellyann CON way but more than those evil fuckers we have the trash that dwells in the red states. We need to take out the trash and send it to the dump. Perhaps secession would be the best solution. Let the freeloading Red States try to make it without the welfare from the blue states. 

Maybe the time has come for a military coup? Since our generals are educated and honorable...most of them... they can hunt down and identify the tRumproids and traitors much like General Eisenhower did in occupied Germany.  He did Germany a big favor by purging the population of Nazi DNA. Germany is a great country today with the Nazi DNA reduced.

You can watch  thieves but you can't watch liars. 

Donald Trump's “Voter Fraud” Lies Are Part of the GOP's DNA

What Psychologists Tell Us About Lying | Compulsive Lying Disorder


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