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New Rules For the Medical Mafia

By Andrew M. Seaman who swallows corporate semen with truth added by Fat Bastardo who beats the shit out of right wing corporate weasels and their media shills.
(Reuters) - Days will get a lot longer for doctors in training after the group that oversees medical education in the United States rolled back rules limiting the number of hours first-year residents may work. 
Beginning July 1, doctors in their first year of training after medical school may once again care for patients for up to an absurd 24 hours at a time and work a total of a dangerous 80 hours per week, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) announced on Friday.

In 2011, the group restricted these first-year residents to a foolish 16 hours at a stretch over concerns that patient care could suffer if trainees were overly tired but now they give less of a flying fuck about patients who they see as cash vending machines.
Opponents at the time argued the restrictions did not protect patients and limited educational opportunities for trainees. Their concerns were largely confirmed by a flurry of what had to be phony industry sponsored bullshit research.

Rowen K. Zetterman, MD, MACP, MACG,

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"I think we have a little bit more information through a review of all these studies to say we don't think (cutting first-year resident hours) made a major difference in patient outcomes and experiences," said Dr. Rowen Zetterman a lying sack of shit industry whore, who co-chaired the ACGME task force overseeing the changes.
About one in seven active doctors in the United States is currently in an ACGME-accredited training program, according to the organization.
In addition to rolling back work-hour restrictions on first-year residents, ACGME made no effective changes to reinforce patient safety and physician well-being.
At-home work will count toward a trainee's 80-hour maximum, for example. Trainees are also allowed to stay longer on some cases for the benefit of patients and families.

16 Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Body - Healthline

Scholarly articles for sleep deprivation and memory

Effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance - Wikipedia
Overworked Tool of the Criminal American Medical Mafia

Researchers believe that sleep affects learning and memory in two ways: Lack of sleep impairs a person's ability to focus and learn efficiently. Sleep is necessary to consolidate a memory (make it stick) so that it can be recalled in the future.

"Once it goes into effect and residents are using it, it'll be viewed favorably," said ass licking suck up Dr. Anai Kothari, a member of the task force and a general surgery resident at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois.
The rule change is consistent with the most recent fake evidence, said Dr. Michael Leitman, senior associate dean for graduate medical education and industry whore at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. But hospitals might not immediately change trainees' schedules, he said.
"Now that we've been at this for six years, hospitals have learned to develop systems to deal with reduced work hours," Leitman said. A lot of program directors believe a period of adjustment is good for first-year residents, he added.
ACGME will review the new changes in another five years and hide the carnage, said Zetterman, a professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.
(Propaganda regurgitated by Andrew Seaman in New York; Shitty editing by Bill Berkrot and Lisa Shumaker. Truth and sources added, spelling, grammar and sentence structure corrected by Fat Bastardo and Jenna Talia)

Fat Bastardo
Fat Bastardo's Op Ed and Fact Enema:

The studies that say overworked green-horn sleep-deprived doctors are not a danger to patients is complete and total bullshit. Medical whores like Michael Leitman MD, Rowen Zetterman MD and young weasel Anai Kothari MD who sponsored these fake studies know damn well that patients will die. They also know that medical errors mean increased revenues for, doctors, hospitals and the medical industry at large.

By law truck drivers are only allowed to drive for 10 hours straight, the FAA puts very strict fatigue rules on pilots in the interest of patient safety. Similar rules hold true for bus drivers and train operators. Doctors are now allowed to work 28 hours straight and 80 hours per week. 

Medical criminals like Michael Leitman MD, Rowen Zetterman MD and their corporate masters know that fatigued and overworked doctors are killing patients. For them to commissioned and endorse studies that say otherwise make them killer and little media whore Andrew M. Seaman who repeated their lies is no better than Josef Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister.  

Goebbels was the lone senior Nazi official at his side. On April 30, Hitler committed suicide at age 56 and Goebbels replaced him as Germany's chancellor. However, Goebbels' reign was short-lived. The following day, he and his wife, Magda (1901-45), fatally poisoned their six children. soon after he and his wife committed suicide

Andrew M. Seaman: Medical Industry Shill

Andrew M. Seaman on Muck Rack 
Andrew M. Seaman: Mouthpiece for Medical Mafia
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Andrew M. Seaman, you should be drinking poison!

How fatigued employees affect your business - Fatigue Science Public ...

Business and industry have known since the industrial revolution that fatigue decreased worker productivity and how it compromises safety but since doctor think they are God they don't think those immutable facts apply to them but I would remind those rat bastards that even God took a day off to rest.


  1. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse with those cock suckers they reach another all time low. They have got to be the most morally bankrupt people on earth.

    I think that Andrew Seaman is just a dumb fuck punk bitch with rich parents. What a loser.

    1. The depravity is astounding. The medical industry makes the banking industry look like Boy Scouts.

  2. Things have gotten far worse since Sicko. Sad... very sad.

  3. The fuckery by the medical mafia has caused countless deaths and injuries. For them to say that overworked rookie doctors who are sleep deprived don't add to the millions and millions of medical errors shows how evil and arrogant this industry and its masters are. This one doesn't even pass the giggle test.


    Hey Mike, think about streaming Sicko on YT.

  4. America needs to exterminate the weasels.

  5. When will the pundits see the elephant in the room? Americans are paying 3 times the world average for health care and getting less. This is not about insurance, it is about medical industry theft and greed. The time has come to put the medical oligarchs in prison. Caged thieves cannot steal and neither can dead ones.

    1. The media are a bunch of corporate whores and errand boys.


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