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Trump: "I Know More Than the Generals. Believe me."

Knows More Than Their Generals - Demotivational Poster

Thinks He Knows More Than His Generals - Demotivational Poster

Trump Golfing First 100 Days

Let's be start by saying to all the Trump supporters, please die ASAP.  I hope this factual information raises your blood pressure and causes all of you to die because if at this point you still support Trump it is not because you are stupid. You are evil.

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Don't cry Donny, a lot of people suffering from dementia forget to wear their diapers.

Combined, Bush, Obama, and Clinton played golf  8 times in the first 100 days. The average cost of a round of golf is $40. Can that average American afford to drop 760 bucks on golf every three months? Trump's golf outings are costing the taxpayers a fortune given all the security involved and you can bet Trump is playing at the high priced golf courses where other assholes like him play.

Golf Outings

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Brilinta: More Big Pharma Poison

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Major Side Effects

You should check with your doctor immediately if any of these side effects occur when taking ticagrelor:
More common:
  • Difficult or labored breathing
  • tightness in the chest
Less common:
  • Blurred vision
  • chest pain or discomfort
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position
  • fainting
  • fast or irregular heartbeat
  • headache
  • lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting
  • loss of consciousness
  • nervousness
  • pounding in the ears
  • slow or fast heartbeat
  • sweating
  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • stroke
  • Bleeding gums
  • bruising
  • coughing up blood
  • difficulty with swallowing
  • headache, sudden and severe
  • increased menstrual flow or vaginal bleeding
  • large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or sex organs
  • nausea or vomiting
  • nosebleeds
  • paralysis
  • prolonged bleeding from cuts
  • rash
  • red or black, tarry stools
  • red or dark brown urine
  • weakness

Minor Side Effects

Some of the side effects that can occur with ticagrelor may not need medical attention. As your body adjusts to the medicine during treatment these side effects may go away. Your health care professional may also be able to tell you about ways to reduce or prevent some of these side effects. If any of the following side effects continue, are bothersome or if you have any questions about them, check with your health care professional:
Less common:
  • Back pain
  • cough
  • diarrhea
  • Swelling of the breasts or breast soreness in both females and males

Trump To Destroy National Monuments

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Just when you think this treasonous piece of shit couldn't get any worse for America he has decided to destroy national monument and National park and historic sites.

House Republicans Are Colluding With Trump To Conceal Treason

By Valerie Volcovici
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to identify national monuments that can be rescinded or resized - part of a broader push to open up more federal lands to drilling, mining and other development.
The move comes as part of Trump's effort to reverse a slew of environmental protections ushered in by his predecessor, Democratic President Barack Obama, that he said were hobbling economic growth, an agenda that is cheering industry but enraging conservationists.
The Republican president signed the order at the Interior Department in Washington, saying that Obama's use of the 1906 Antiquities Act to create monuments marked an "egregious abuse of federal power" allowing the federal government to "lock up" millions of acres of land and water.
"Today we're putting the states back in charge," Trump said, saying they should decide what areas of land should be protected and which should remain open for development.
The monuments covered by the review will range from the Grand Staircase created by President Bill Clinton in 1996 to the Bears Ears created by Obama in December 2016, both in Utah.
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told reporters late on Tuesday that Trump's order would require him to conduct the review of around 30 national monuments created over the past two decades, and recommend which designations should be lifted or altered.
Zinke said he would seek local feedback before making his recommendations, and added that any move by Trump to ultimately reverse a monument designation could be tricky.
"It is untested, as you know, whether the president can do that," Zinke said.
Legal challenges are expected because no president has ever rescinded a monument designation.
President Woodrow Wilson reduced the size of Washington state's Mount Olympus National Monument in 1915, arguing there was an urgent need for timber at the time, one of the few examples of the size of national monuments being changed.
Zinke will review the Bears Ears monument first, he said, and will make a recommendation to the president in 45 days. He has 120 days to issue a full report on all monuments to the president.
Obama created the Bears Ears monument in the final days of his administration, arguing that it would protect the cultural legacy of Native American tribes and preserve "scenic and historic landscapes."

Don't missChinese factory workers who make Ivanka Trump's clothes earn just $62 a week
But Utah's governor and the state's congressional delegation opposed the designation, saying it went against the wishes of citizens eager for development.
Utah Governor Gary Herbert, and Senators Mike Lee and Orin Hatch, all Republicans, stood beside Trump as he signed the order. Trump said the lawmakers actively lobbied him for the order.
The Bears Ears area lies near where Texas-based EOG Resources Inc had been approved to drill.

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Republican House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan praised the order.
"I commend the Trump administration for stopping this cycle of executive abuse and beginning a review of past designations," he said.
Conservation and tribal groups criticized the order.
"With this review, the Trump Administration is walking into a legal, political and moral minefield," said Kate Kelly, public lands director for the Center for American Progress.
Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona, ranking member of the House natural resources committee, warned Zinke not to make an "ideological" decision, adding that previous monuments were done "after years of close federal consultation with multiple local stakeholders."
The Outdoor Industry Association, the trade group of the recreation industry, also attacked the order. Zinke spoke at the launch of the group's report, which said the outdoor recreation economy generates over $887 billion in consumer spending and creates 7.6 million jobs.
"Less than 24 hours after joining with our industry to celebrate the economic power of outdoor recreation, in a hypocritical move, the Trump administration took unprecedented steps that could result in the removal of protections for treasured public lands," said Rose Marcario, chief executive of outdoor gear retailer Patagonia.
(Editing by Phil Berlowitz and Jonathan Oatis)

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Even Pigs Hate Muslims

We all know that Muslims hate pigs but it would appear that the feeling is mutual. This is a case of Porky's Revenge!

Three Islamic State jihadis have reportedly been killed by rampaging wild boars near Iraqi farmland.

The three Islamic State militants were cut down by the feral boar known to inhabit Kirkuk in the the al-Rashad region, a local news site claims.

They attacked the militants and left three killed, Iraqi News reports.
Three Islamic State militants trying to rid Iraqi farmland of a wild boars infestation were killed, according to an Iraqi news site. ISIS claimed the land in 2014 and regular execute civilians across the region (stock)

Three Islamic State militants trying to rid Iraqi farmland of wild boars  were killed, according to an Iraqi news site. ISIS claimed the land in 2014 and regularly execute civilians across the region 

'Islamic State militants took revenge at the pigs that attacked the farmland,' though reports of how the fighters died remain unclear.

Thousands of civilians in the Kirkuk region fled to refugee camps following the Islamic State emergence in 2014.

Read more:
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Trump Squeaky Clean

Is Donald Trump the Messiah?

except for Trum and the Flynn thing,
and the Manafort thing …
and the Tillerson thing
and the Sessions thing
and the Kushner thing
and the Carter Page thing
and the Roger Stone thing
and the Felix Sater thing
and the Boris Ephsteyn thing
and the Rosneft thing
and the Gazprom thing
and the Sergey Gorkov banker thing
and the Azerbajain thing
and the “I love Putin” thing
and the Donald Trump, Jr. thing
and the Sergey Kislyak thing
and the Russian Affiliated Interests thing
and the Russian Business Interests thing
and the Emoluments Clause thing
and the Alex Schnaider thing
and the hack of the DNC thing
and the Guccifer 2.0 thing
and the Mike Pence “I don’t know anything” thing
and the Russians mysteriously dying thing
and Trump’s public request to Russia to hack Hillary’s email thing
and the Trump house sale for $100 million at the bottom of the housing bust to the Russian fertilizer king thing
and the Russian fertilizer king’s plane showing up in Concord, NC during Trump rally campaign thing
and the Nunes sudden flight to the White House in the night thing
and the Nunes personal investments in the Russian winery thing
and the Cyprus bank thing
and Trump not releasing his tax returns thing
and the Republican Party’s rejection of an amendment to require Trump to show his taxes thing
and the election hacking thing
and the GOP platform change on the Ukraine thing
and the Steele Dossier thing
and the Leninist Bannon thing
and Sally Yates prevented from testifying thing
and the intelligence community’s investigative reports thing
and Trump’s reassurance that the Russian connection is all “fake news” thing …
and Spicer’s Russian Dressing “nothing’s wrong” thing …
and the Chaffetz thing,....

Give Trump and His Administration A Lie Detector Test

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Every fact check organization has shown one immutable fact about Trump and that fact is, he rarely tells the truth. Trump has only told the truth 4% of the time. Not even Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz have led as much as Trump. Here's the PROOF!
Tell congress, the media and the justice department to call for Trump and members of his administration to take polygraph tests regarding their treasonous behavior.  The Department may be contacted by phone at the following: Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555. Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000. Contact the Department | DOJ | Department of Justice at
America and the world cannot afford to have a pathological liar, pervert, womanizer, chicken hawk, fake Christian, and known criminal in the Whitehouse. Revelation 21:8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.
A man like Donald Trump should not be tolerated anywhere and at anytime EVER!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Abolish the Electoral College

Making Voter Fraud Easy Since 1787 - Demotivational Poster

On November 8, the American people spoke clearly, and chose Hillary Clinton for President. She won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes. 

But because Clinton's support was geographically concentrated, Donald Trump won the Electoral College and became President of the United States. 

This comes only sixteen years after Al Gore won the popular vote but did not become President of the United States, in a similar affront to democracy.

It is long past time that we stopped using the Electoral College to choose our Presidents, and started using the national popular vote instead. Every vote should count equally. Every state should be a swing state.

Sign the petition: End the Electoral College. Elect Presidents by national popular vote.

There is a realistic path to making an end-run around the Electoral College in time for the 2020 election. This is because we don't need a constitutional amendment to stop using the Electoral College. We only need the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact:

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among several U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their respective electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The compact is designed to ensure that the candidate who wins the most popular votes is elected president, and it will come into effect only when it will guarantee that outcome.[2][3] As of 2016, it has been joined by ten states and the District of Columbia; their 165 combined electoral votes amount to 30.7% of the total Electoral College vote, and 61.1% of the 270 votes needed for it to have legal force.
If states and territories totaling at least 270 electoral votes pass laws joining the National Popular Vote Compact, then the next presidential election will be determined by the winner of the national popular vote. We are already up to 165.

If we can make eliminating the Electoral College a national issue broadly adopted by elected Democrats, and if Democrats can do well at the state level in the 2018 midterm elections--which is realistic in the event of an unpopular President Trump--then in 2019 we can pass laws that would make the 2020 presidential election determined by the popular vote. 

(Since you might be wondering, according to the compact, states do not change the way they determine their electoral votes until enough states join that the 270 electoral vote threshold is reached. So, for example, California will only start awarding its electoral votes to the national popular vote winner instead of the state popular vote winner once states equalling 270 electoral votes have decided to do the same.)

So this is something we can actually pull off. It starts by telling all elected Democrats that you have had enough of the Electoral College, and that whenever possible they must pass laws to have their states join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Add your name: End the Electoral College and choose our Presidents by national popular vote.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Executive Campaign Director, Daily Kos

Force Trump to Take  a Polygraph CLICK Here

Daily Kos, PO Box 70036, Oakland, CA, 94612.

Trump Probably is Satan

If Trump is not Satan then he is being controlled by Satan. The signs are all there in such abundance that it is hard to ignore. Donald Trump is a dangerous and evil entity in the same way Adolph Hitler was.

Send this article to all the false Christian/Republicans you know.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Trump Criminal Associates

Russian mafia boss still at large after FBI wiretap at Trump Tower ...

But it was not placed at the behest of Barack Obama, and the target was not the Trump campaign of 2016.

The FBI did wiretap Trump Tower to monitor Russian activity, but it had nothing to do with the 2016 Presidential election, it has been reported. Between 2011 and 2013 the Bureau had a warrant to spy on a high-level criminal Russian money-laundering ring, which operated in unit 63A ...

Mar 28, 2017 - FBI arrests ten people in New York City with criminal ties to Donald Trump and Russian mafia.

The Russian Mafia now owned Donald Trump, they made him their 'Suka' or bitch, from now on, he would do their bidding...

Trump’s Ties to Russian Organized Crime

Jeff Morley, a terrific investigative reporter who used to be my boss at the American Independent News Network, has an article at Alternet looking at the close ties between Donald Trump and Russian organized crime figures, relationships that go back long before he ever ran for president.
Yet even “the mother of all bombs” cannot obliterate the accumulating body of evidence about his relationship with Russian organized crime figures and the not unrelated question about whether he and his entourage colluded with Russian officials in the 2016 presidential election. The story, notes Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall, is “Hiding in plain sight.”
The evidence of pre-election collusion between Trump and the Russians, while growing, is far from definitive. The evidence on Trump’s organized crime ties is stronger…
Chronologically speaking, Trump’s ties to organized crime figures came first. Mutually beneficial transactions dating back to the 1990s led to closer relations in the 2000s and culminated in the contacts during the 2016 campaign. It all began with Russians who wanted to get their money out of the country…
A lot of this Russian organized crime money flowed through Cyprus, and one of its largest banks, the Bank of Cyprus. The bank’s chairman, Wilbur Ross, is now secretary of commerce. When senators considering Ross’ nomination asked about Cyprus, Ross said Trump had forbidden him from answering questions on the subject.
Not coincidentally, Illinois congressman Mike Quigley, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, recently traveled to Cyprus to investigate, according to the Daily Beast.
“The fact that Turkey, the U.S. and Russia and other countries are really interested in Cyprus, because of its strategic location… the fact that Russians launder their money there to avoid sanctions, and the fact that key U.S. and Russia players were there—all make it really important for the Russia investigation,” Quigley explained in an interview.
This may be the key to the entire collusion investigation. Trump is hardly the only one with ties to organized crime; Putin is up to his eyeballs in it. Indeed, the distinction between organized crime and legitimate corporate interests in Russia is pretty much non-existent. The whole system runs on bribes, blackmail and collusion. This could all blow up in Trump’s face in a huge way if the investigations in Cyprus can prove anything substantive. The fact that he felt comfortable bringing Wilbur Ross into the cabinet given his status as a director of a Cyprus bank legendary for laundering Russian mob money is astonishing, and perhaps speaks to his hubris.
Image result for Trump Criminal Ties

Trump has deep ties to organized crime — federal investigators know ...

Trump Bailed Out By Russian Crime Bosses

Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses... CLICK HERE!

Image result for Trump Criminal Ties



Donald Trump Was Bailed Out of Bankruptcy by Russia ... - Alternet

Do The Humpty Trump


Oompa Loompa poopidy do

All I can say is Donald FUCK YOU!
Trumpa Lumpa GOP sighs
As the party withers and dies.
Trump lumpa doopidy do
I have another puzzle for you.
Trumpa lumpa dumpity dee
If you are wise you will listen to me
What are you when you grab a pussy?
A filthy pig with an IQ of three. 
A filthy lying treasonous reprobate
All I have to say is check mate
What a filthy pig Trump is!

Trumpa lumpa doopidy die
Everything Trump says is a lie.

Trumpa lumpa his bankruptcies (Russian Crime Bosses Bail Out Trump)
Students screwed Trump University 

Judge Approves $25 Million Settlement Of Trump University Lawsuit ...

Trumpty Dumpty building a wall
Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Republican Gangsters Sabotaged Obamacare

Last week, the criminal Trump administration once again made an underhanded attempt at sabotaging Obamacare by releasing a new regulation.

This new rule forces people who need health insurance to jump through more hoops to get coverage. It cuts the open enrollment period in half, and holds Obamacare plans to looser standards, leading to higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for families and neighbors who depend on this law for coverage. 

This fight isn't over -- this new unlawful rule is just their latest volley in attacking Obamacare, and they'll keep trying to sabotage it. We need to keep our organizing efforts strong.

When Congress returns from recess next week, they're expected to continue their assault on Obamacare. Help fund this work by chipping in now: The criminal RethugliCONs in CONgress have the best healthcare insurance money can buy. One of the biggest criminal pigs behind the sabotaging of the Affordable Care Act is a criminal congressman named Duncan Hunter. Call this asshole at all his location and don't mince words with this punk.

Contact Me | Congressman Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter is a filthy fucking criminal who belongs in prison with common street thugs who will beat on a regular basis. Below are links to his criminal past.

Do what you can legally to make this criminal's life hell on earth.

Google "Duncan Hunter Rabbitgate"

Image result for Duncan Hunter rabbit

I bet it would feel great to beat the shit out of some punk like Duncan Hunter.

Image result for beatdown