Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Throw CEO Oscar Munoz Off The Plane While It Is In Flight

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Oscar Munoz Criminal CEO of United Airlines

Oscar Munoz is the cocksucker United Airlines CEO who praised United Airlines employees for throwing Dr David Dao off the plane and beating the crap out of him in the process. As you may know, airlines are allowed to overbook flights and then throw passengers off the planes. Dr Dao protested this because he had medical patients to see. The storm troopers who threw him off the plane and knocked him out cold in the process, should have refused to do it but people with a Nazi mentality never questions their evil masters. People like the pigs who blindly followed orders United Airlines and brutalized Dr Dao are no different than the Nazis who rounded up Jews and marched them into the gas chambers.
Munoz, who worked for the rail transportation company CSX was paid over $6 MILLION and BTW the Nazis loaded Jews into cattle cars to transport them to the death camps. 
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Scumbag Oscar Munoz Sucks Trump's Tiny Cock

Compensation Information for Oscar Munoz , President ... - Salary.com

Compensation Information for Oscar Munoz , President ... - Salary.com

Compensation Information for Oscar Munoz , President ... - Salary.com

A lot of people are cheering the demise of United Airlines when they should be pushing for high-speed rail travel at least on the East and West Coast. Flying sucks and this is just one example of it. Airlines fuck their customers. Even if a plane's passenger compartment is empty the airline still makes a profit on what they are hauling in the cargo hold.

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Physician David Dao Brutally Beaten By Chicago Police Stormtroopers For Wanting To Be There For His Patients
Pigs will use the excuse, "I was just doing my job." Sorry PIGS, your job is not to be the criminal muscle for the corporate gangs and keep a doctor from seeing his patients. Your job pigs, is to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. When you fucking assholes heard that David Dao was a doctor who had patients to see, you should have refused to throw him off the plane but you didn't you criminal fuckers. You pig cowards took delight in roughing up this diminutive 69 year old man. That was clear in the video.

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Cowardly American cops looking for an excuse to execute a dangerous pussycat under the guise of officer safety. I guess there were no puppy dogs available.

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