Monday, April 3, 2017

Trump and The False Christian tRumproids

The evidence abounds that he is the anti-Christ but here is some facts that you don't have to be a practicing Christian or a Biblical scholar to understand.

Why true Christians cannot support Trump. Here are many reasons.
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Trump is a prideful bragger. True (Christians are not boastful but rather humble.)

Trump is lustful. (True Christians are chaste and pure.)

Humility against pride, (Do you know anyone more prideful than Trump?)

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Kindness against envy, (Trump is jealous because he is losing support)Image result for fat trump supporters

Abstinence against gluttony, (Trump and his supporters are often obese for overeating)

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Chastity against lust, (Trump is a lustful pig of a man)

 against anger, (There is no love or kindness at his events)

Donald Trump - 'Knock the Crap Out Of Them, I Will Pay For The Legal ...

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Liberality against greed, (Trump takes pride in his greed)

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 against sloth. (This goes to is intellectually lazy hypocrites in the Bible Belt)


  1. Trump supporters are pigs just like Trump.

  2. Trump IS the anti-Christ


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