Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trump Golfing First 100 Days

Let's be start by saying to all the Trump supporters, please die ASAP.  I hope this factual information raises your blood pressure and causes all of you to die because if at this point you still support Trump it is not because you are stupid. You are evil.

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Don't cry Donny, a lot of people suffering from dementia forget to wear their diapers.

Combined, Bush, Obama, and Clinton played golf  8 times in the first 100 days. The average cost of a round of golf is $40. Can that average American afford to drop 760 bucks on golf every three months? Trump's golf outings are costing the taxpayers a fortune given all the security involved and you can bet Trump is playing at the high priced golf courses where other assholes like him play.

Golf Outings

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