Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump and Kushner LOCK THEM UP!

If you are reading this and you are still a Trump supporter I wish you an agonizing life and a terrifying death and eternity in hell.

On Trump's orders, Trump's sleazy son in law Jared Kushner committed treasonous acts and then he lied about it on his FBI security clearance form.

Lock Them Up! - Demotivational Poster

You filthy fucking stupid lying treasonous t-Rumproids in your evil and ignorant delight were chanting about Hillary Clinton,  "LOCK HER UP". That's was never going to happen because Hillary Clinton has never broken the law. The same cannot be said for Trump and many members of the Trump Whitehouse/Regime.

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You t-Rumproids were gleefully spreading the lie that Mrs Obama is a man and that Sasha and Malia we adopted. You knew that was a lie and you kept telling it with no regard to the Obama children.  If someone had taken a flame thrower to the fucking lot of you bastards I'd jump for joy. Had I been in your presence when you told that ugly lie I would have punked you swag-bellied bitches as you pissed your pants.

You t-Rumproids spread the birther lie knowing that Obama was not born in Kenya and you treasonous racist Trumproids knew that even if Obama was born in  Kenya you knew his mother was an American so it would not have mattered if was the case but you kept the lie going because you t-Rumproids are pure evil. If a patriot came to your trailer, set it on fire and killed you fuckers as you came running out, I'd consider that person for the congressional medal of honor and if I were on his jury I would vote him innocent on the grounds of patriotism and protecting America from you domestic terrorists.

You t-Rumproids physically attacked Hillary supporters and you spread lies about Hillary. Hear this t-Rumproids, Trump and his regime will be gone soon and you neo-Nazis Trumptards will be an endangered species soon.

Kushner and Trump broke the law and then they lied about it and you Trumptards don't care. You Trumproids are like a necrotic appendage on the body of America and you need to be amputated. The purge is coming. Drip Drip Drip

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  1. Stick a fork on those traitors. They're DONE!


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