Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump and Republicans Melting Down + Other Stuff

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Click the links below for some funny shit!

  • Trump has Twitter meltdown over Sally Yates' testimony to the Senate 
  • Republican congressman from Iowa goes berserk, storms out of interview while surrounded by kids! 
  • Sally Yates just smacked the bullsh#t out of this Republican senator's mouth 
  • Are you outraged? Chip $1 to beat vulnerable House Republicans and make the GOP pay right for voting to repeal Obamacare.
  • Ivanka used a dumb fake presidential quote in her book that she clearly learned from her dad 
  • Russia-Trump scandal grows after Yates testimony 
  • Florida man strikes again: Took gun to the movies for safety, shot self in the can 
  • In 'act of political cowardice,' Abbott signs anti-immigrant law in private and without notice 
  • John Oliver crashes the FCC comment site, again, to save net neutrality 
  • Sally Yates was brilliant, admirable, and honest—but will it make a difference 
  • Daily Kos had its first livestream AMA session with founder Markos Moulitsas—and it went great! Watch it here.
  • Karen Handel refused debate with Jon Ossoff after learning it would be open to the public 
  • Watch Sally Yates school Ted Cruz on constitutional law 
  • Opponents say Miami Republican 'wrote his political death certificate' with Trumpcare vote 
  • Sen. Sherrod Brown: 'A true populist tells the truth' 
  • July court trial could force Texas GOP to draw new congressional map for 2018 
  • Black Lives Matter looks to expand its strategy and refocus its energy in the Trump era 
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    1. Trump does not appear to be a person who has any loyalty to anyone. I guarantee you everyone in the white house will be sooner or later be blamed by the old man and be fired. And the heat is on I suspect Trump will even fire his own son-in-law Jared. Trump lives in an universe of one. I see a lonely old man plagued by paranoia and self pity spending his days watching breitbart in bathrobe and slippers loathing his next diaper change.


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