Monday, May 1, 2017


Trumproids! - Demotivational Poster

Trumproids! - Demotivational Poster

Trumproids! - Demotivational Poster

Trumproids - Demotivational Poster


  • Dr. Jane Goodall has words of advice for Ivanka, after being quoted in Ivanka's book 
  • Woman arrested for laughing during Sessions confirmation found guilty, facing a year in prison 
  • Republicans in disarray; House 'moderates' plot ousting their Obamacare-repealing leader 
  • 🚨 RED ALERT: House GOPers are set to vote on Trumpcare TODAY and it looks like they may haves the votes to pass. Email your congressperson RIGHT NOW and tell them to vote NO on Trumpcare.
  • Yes, it really is 'President Bannon' 
  • CNN host sets Republican congressman straight on pre-existing conditions and Obamacare 
  • Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania assaults tracker—and it's caught on camera 
  • First Rex Tillerson decided to fire thousands of diplomats, now he's going to find out what they do 
  • Another swamp win—Republicans in Congress voted to cheat workers out of overtime pay 
  • Protesters plan for Pres. Trump's first trip to NYC: 'The world will see us rise up and oppose him' 
  • Former Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama announce $2 million donation to Chicago summer job program 
  • All hands on deck: 24 million Americans would lose health insurance under Trumpcare. Call your congressperson at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote NO on Trumpcare. Then click here to follow-up your call with an email.
  • Pelosi condemns Trumpcare vote: GOP is 'going to tattoo this moral monstrosity to their foreheads' 
  • James Comey, the Election Decider 
  • Police officer who killed Walter Scott to plead guilty in court. Will he actually serve jail time? 
  • House to vote on Trumpcare today — 'I think we have enough votes' 
  • These 50,000 Haitian refugees could soon be among the next targets of Trump's deportation force 
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