Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wipe That Smug Look Off Paul Lying Ryan's Face

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Friends, this is almost unbelievable: A mind-blowing 21,147 Daily Kos readers have chipped in $968,448.54 to beat House Republicans since yesterday's Trumpcare vote.

I bet Paul Ryan and the GOP didn't see this coming while they mugged for cameras and chugged beer on the White House lawn to celebrate stripping 24 million Americans of health insurance.

Now it's time to double down. The most important thing the Trump resistance can do right now is make the blowback to yesterday's Trumpcare vote the most brutal thing imaginable. Only swift and overwhelming punishment for those who voted to pass this abomination of a bill can stop whatever momentum Republicans think they have right now.

Punish the GOPers who voted to pass Trumpcare: Donate $1 right now to each of the Democratic nominee funds targeting vulnerable House Republicans who voted to destroy access to health care.

Twenty-four Republicans who voted to pass Trumpcare yesterday hail from districts where Trump won less than 50 percent of the vote. Democrats need 24 seats to take back the House.

Most of these races don't have Democratic candidates yet or have primaries next year. But we can't wait until then to get started. That's why we’ve set up Democratic Nominee Funds for each of these districts. Every dollar you contribute to a Democratic Nominee Fund on this page will be transferred to that district's Democratic nominee once they win their primary next year. That means every dollar will go directly to beating Republicans, taking back the House, and wiping that smug smile off Paul Ryan's face.

Please chip in $1 to each of these Democratic nominee funds now.

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