Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Google Fines 2.7 Billion For It Criminal Fuckery

Google Fined Record $2.7 Billion in E.U. Antitrust Ruling - The New ...

I am about to switch blog platforms. The views for Bigger Fatter Politics were huge until recently. Google wanted me to monetize Bigger Fatter Politics but I declined because I would have no control of the ad content and I will not be part of promoting criminal companies.

Google is in the business of censoring. The have instituted a censorship program that allows free speech hating Nazi weasels to mass flag video they don't like. Google pretty much destroyed Bigger Fatter Blog because a bunch of angry jealous fat girls organized a flagging campaign and Google removed BFB and I was able to get it back after a letter from the ACLU but they de-indexed it.

What can you do about this fuckery? That's simple. Switch to another search engine. I like Bing and Duck Duck Go. 

CLICK  Low Carber Forum and tell them that low carb diets suck.

The Republican Healthcare Bill May Kill You

Republicans are today's Nazis and the Trump supporter are the most rabid of the bunch. The Republican play will cause people to die because it prevents them from getting basic healthcare. The health care industry does't give a shit because they will make it up when the seriously ill end up at emergency rooms and end up in the poor house paying inflated costs imposed by the emergency room price gouging scams and for those who are too poor to pay the hospitals will apply it to there Hill-Burton obligations.

Free Obamacare Sticker
Obamacare needs improvement and the improvement it needs come in the form of putting healthcare industry criminals in prison of in front of firing squads for their deadly fuckery. That said, Obamacare is better than what we had and it is better than what the Republicans and their corporate masters want. The Republican plan will leave at least 22 million Americans with no health care.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

WhyThe Red States Suck

It's the people who live in the red states who make the red states suck.

People in the red states are stupid, ignorant and lazy. Why are they stupid, ignorant and lazy? It's genetic.

Are 97 of the nation's 100 poorest counties in red states? | PolitiFact 

The Human Development Index

The first map is color-coded based on a meta-measure of a society called the “human development index.” This index was created by the Social Science Research Council as a composite measure of the health, education and income levels within each state—the higher the number (or darker-colored the state on the map), the more developed the state.

Not only are Republican voters morally depraved, they are incredibly stupid and anti-education. They love ignorance.

Corporal Punishment in Primary Schools
And because people in the red states are stupid and evil they beat their kids. It's pathetic but stupid people do stupid things.

In addition to having lower levels of educational achievement, right-leaning states in the south and Midwest account for virtually all instances of corporal punishment (hitting students) in the United States—this is simply because these states are the ones that have refused to ban the practices.

People In The Red States Die Sooner! 


Life Expectancy

Healthy years of life beyond age 65

Overall this is a  good thing but they still suck up a lot of valuable medical resources as they eat and smoke themselves to death. 

As the previous map illustrates, the right wing’s southern stronghold is composed of states that have, far and away, the worst life expectancies in the United States. This isn’t a purely a partisan issue, and involves a mixture of culture and bad policy.
The south is home to extreme poverty, a lack of accessible health care (ex. Texas leads the nation with 25% uninsurance), lax worker/environmental protections, and a culture that consumes massive amounts of fatty fried foods. These factors create a perfect storm of bad health that severely erodes the life expectancy of huge portions of the southern population.
Given the lower life expectancies in the south, the trend in the following map, illustrating state-level death rates, is unsurprising.

Obesity, Diabetes, Stroke, and Heart Disease:

One of the primary reasons why the south has a lower life expectancy than the rest of the United States is that its people suffer from a variety of chronic illnesses. Rates of obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease are far higher in these states than the national average, and people have often lacked the ability to access care.
The following map gives an overview of preventable deaths from medical conditions, color-coded by state.
When those morons start talking about secession encourage them. The red states are a drain on America and the world. After Lincoln freed the slaves he should have armed them with the latest weaponry and put a bounty on the slave owners and anyone who fought for the confederacy. Had he done that, America would be better off today. We didn't need the Red States then and we don't need them now. Right wing racist types have defective DNA. Killing them off would have purged the American gene pool the same way the Germany's gene pool was purged of Nazi DNA during the occupation. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Threat Worse Than Trump

You can stick a fork in Trump, because he's done.

The Real Threat
Image result for Dangerous Greedy Doctors

The biggest thief and the biggest killer and the greatest threat to our national security is the American Health Care Industrial Complex.

American health care is capitalism and immorality run amok. What is eviler than exploiting human suffering for obscene profits? It gets worse. Google healthcare fraud and google iatrogenic death then medical errors and then health care acquired infections and then google death from adverse drug reactions and google wrong site surgeries.

The American medical industry makes the oil and financial industries look like Boy Scouts.  This vile industry is 18% of the US GDP and growing. They own the FDA and many politicians. 

You may not like the solution but the solution is government run health care using the VA model. Corporate health care is a disaster and it is too far gone to fix it.

We start by confiscating their ill-gotten wealth using forfeiture laws.  I would take over the drug companies, jail their top and middle management, and put in decent people in their positions. 

I would direct pharma research to actually create cures and safe treatments. 

When I find that the criminal actions of the medical industry resulted in the death of any Americans the people involved will be executed publicly. 

Health care would be free for all Americans and that would reduce a huge burden on businesses that are now required to provide employees with health care coverage. That greatly reduce the cost of goods and services and create jobs.  Currently Americans pay 3 times the world average for health care.  18% of our GDP  is health care and the US has one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world. 

Related image

Italy is ranked number 2 for health care quality and they spend 2/3 less than the US spends for health care and the US is ranked 38th for quality.

Trump is DONE! The time has come to put every criminal health care executive in prison.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Karen Handel Is Living Proof That Republicans Are Getting Meaner and Dumber


Georgia GOP Candidate For U.S. House: 'I Do Not Support A Livable Wage'

Chris D'Angelo,HuffPost Tue, Jun 6 10:20 PM EDT 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Those Deplorable Trump Supporters








The red states went for Trump and as you can plainly see, people who live in red states are FAT, STUPID, LUSTFUL, SHAMEFUL and IGNORANT!

You tRumpers can't lie your way out of it. All you can do is attack the messenger. That's pathetic. tRumpers are pathetic.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Fattest President

Related image

It pains me to see Trump next to a great president like William Howard Taft and it also pains me, Fat Bastardo, that Trump has beaten out William Howard Taft as America's fattest president. America has only had two fat presidents Bill Bubba Clinton, Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft who were arguably the greatest presidents. Now it is no longer the case that the fattest presidents are our best presidents. Trump has ruined that too.

Pope Francis Asks Melania What She Feeds President Trump

President Trump and Pope Francis put aside their differences for their first face-to-face meeting Wednesday morning, but not before the pontiff cracked a joke about the commander in chief's waistline.

Melania, who speaks fluent Italian, laughed and replied, "Potica," a high-calorie pastry from her home country of Slovenia that is traditionally served on Christmas and Easter.

Image result for teddy roosevelt william howard taft

Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft lived in a time when Republican didn't suck. They would have knocked the crap out of Trump both literally and figuratively. Big Bill Taft would have sat on Trump and TR would have punched him while shouting, "BULLY! BULLY!"

Stop by to read: Trump and the Seven Deadly Sins

Why Melania Is Repulsed By Trump

She knew he was a flaming asshole when she met him but she let him fuck her anyway. Things have changed. Not only is Trump incompetent, his dementia has made him incontinent. He now shits his pants without know it.


From here on Trump shall be known as President Shit Stain.

The Real Meaning of Covfefe

Image result for Prison fefe

Trump will be grabbing a lot of CovFeFe soon.

covfefe: cov-fee fee  Prevalent among treasonous death row inmates, a hands-free masturbation device made up of a dirty sock, vaseline (or toothpaste, if not available) a toilet paper tube (if available), wedged firmly between a matress.

See also fefe or fifi.

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNBC and CNN are not the only ones who have Trump Whitehouse staffers leaking to them. Unlike them, the sources that leak to us wear wires and we here at Bigger Fatter Politics have actual audio recordings of Trump and Sean Spicer discussing the covfefe situation but until we hear from our legal department we can only show you, our readers the transcript.

Covfefe is prison slang for a DIY pussy convicts make to help them masturbate. It's also called a fefe or Covfefe which is short for convict's fefe or prison pussy.  A fefe is a homemade sex toy that resembles a vagina kinda like a poor man's fleshlight.  Trump is merely preparing for prison life. Covfefe is a term used mostly in federal prisons.I guess because it sounds so continental.  

Review – Prison Fefe | Build a Vagina

Full build instructions – Prison Fefe | Build a Vagina

Trump will be grabbing a lot of CovFeFe soon.  I can see Alec Baldwin doing Trump behind bars asking his flunky cohorts to fetch his covfefe so that he can wank his little orange wee wee.  They will be able to go word for word like when Tina Fey became Sarah Palin. 

The conversation was between President Trump and his abused flunky Whitehouse Press Secretary Sean Spicer while prepping the Whitehouse staff for prison.

Here is what was said word for word.

Trump, Hey Sean, fetch me a covfefe!

Spicer, Which one Mr. President sir?

Trump, The one that smells like my daughter Ivanka. That's my favorite.

Spicer: Mr. President sir, Jeff Sessions is using that one right now. You know what a jerk off he is.

Trump: Fire him. And get me the one that smells like Melania

Spicer: Mr. Prsident, Jared is using that covfefe right now and you know how hung those Jews are. It will be all stretched out after he's done with it. The Kellyanne Conway covfefe is available sir.

Trump: NOOOO! Not that one. It's YUGE! It's all worn out and wrinkled and it smells like Putin taking a crap on shrimp boat. Just take your teeth out Sean and give me a MOAB.

Spicer: What's that Mr President?

Trump: The Mother Of All Blowjobs STUPID Like the kind I give to Putin!

Spicer: Oh, kinda like how I've been jerking off the Whitehouse press corps?

Trump: Kinda only wetter.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Funny Trump Pictures



Related image

Image result for Stupid Trump Supporters















Friday, June 2, 2017

Keep Turmp Around For A Few Years

Image result for Trump Hitler

Trump supporters fall into three basic categories.

1. The stupid. Some people are so stupid that all they can understand is pain.

2. The EVIL: Trump supporters are evil. They are birthers and but the stupidest birthers knew that Obama was born in the USA. They also knew that even if Obama were born in Kenya, his mother was an American so they knew he was qualified and so did comrade Trumpsky. 

3. The STUPID and EVIL: That is self-explanatory.

By the Spring of 1944 it was pretty clear that there was no way the Axis powers could win WW-2. Unlike the Germans, the Japanese people really were victims of their Emporer. Many Germans were Nazis. The US did Japan a favor by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki because it saved lives. The Japanese were not as enlighted as the Germans. They thought their Emporer was God. After they got nuked they woke up to the fact that he was an asshole. The run of the Japanese at the time was not a fanatic. They were also awed by Americans and they didn't act like assholes during the occupation.

Germans were a different breed. Like Trump supporters, they could easily be whipped up by hateful madmen. There were millions of fanatical Nazis in Germany and they needed to be taught a lesson. Eisenhower decided to turn Germany into rubble in order to punish the German people for putting Hitler in power. Had we bumped off Hitler there would have been big pockets of resistance so suing for peace may not have led to an unconditional surrender. Eisenhower kept Hitler around for many months as he kicked the crap out of Germany. This cowed the German people to the point where most of them embraced the American and British as liberators but because Germans are assholes there were still a lot of hardcore Nazis left. Since Eisenhower was a smart cookie he executed millions of hard-core Nazis and the Russian were even more brutal. As a result, Germany remained productive technologically, got an increased collective IQ and is no longer warlike. 

Trump supporters are basically Nazis and what you need to know is that Nazism is more than a political ideology. Trumpism and Nazism is a disease of the brain and the soul and society. It is like a cancerous spot that needs to be cut or burned out with its milder form put into permanent remission.  

Everyone has to hurt, even us good people. Germany will never see another Adolf Hitler because the good people there will fight it and the bad ones have been mostly exterminated. Their DNA has been purged from the German gene pool. 

Image result for nazis being executed

American Health Care Getting Worse

As of 2014 U.S. health-care system remains among the least-efficient in the world.
America was 50th out of 55 countries in 2014, according to a Bloomberg index that assesses life expectancy, health-care spending per capita and relative spending as a share of gross domestic product. Expenditures averaged $9,403 per person, about 17.1 percent of GDP, that year — the most recent for which data are available — and life expectancy was 78.9. Only Jordan, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Russia ranked lower.
The U.S. has lagged near the bottom of the Bloomberg Health-Care Efficiency Index since it was created in 2012. Hong Kong and Singapore — consistently at the top — are smaller countries with less diverse populations. Their governments also play a stronger role in regulating and providing care, with spending per capita averaging $2,386 and longevity averaging about 83 years.
The U.S. system “tends to be more fragmented, less organized and coordinated, and that’s likely to lead to inefficiency,” said Paul Ginsburg, a professor at the University of Southern California and director of the Center for Health Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington.
Expanded Access
The index reflects the first full year of Obamacare. While the U.S. Affordable Care Act expanded access to health insurance and provided payment subsidies starting on Jan. 1, 2014, its impact on life expectancy will take a while to gauge. That’s partly because health care isn’t the only influence on longevity.
“It has to do with how we eat, how we live, poverty and inequality, social support,” said Jon Oberlander, a professor of health policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine.
Life-expectancy still is a way of measuring how well, overall, a country’s medical system is working, which is why it is used in the index.
Obamacare’s impact on cost per capita also is difficult to assess for 2014. Health-care expenditures started moderating in 2010 because of the economic recovery and insurance-policy changes in the private sector, Oberlander said.
Over time, expanding coverage through Obamacare could boost spending “because we know that insured people use more services than uninsured people,” Ginsburg said.
Cuba and the Czech Republic — with life expectancy closest to the U.S. at 79.4 and 78.3 years — paid much less on health care: $817 and $1,379 per capita. Switzerland and Norway, the only countries with higher spending than the U.S. — $9,674 and $9,522 — had longer life expectancy, averaging 82.3 years.
Chile, the first Latin American economy to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, is the only country from the continent to have ranked among the top 10, and its life expectancy, at 81.5 years, was the highest.
Rankings for several nations have changed substantially over time because of increased spending relative to the slow pace of improvement in life expectancy. Sweden fell to 27 in the latest index from 14th in 2009 as per-capita spending rose by more than 50 percent. Saudi Arabia dropped 20 spots to 38th as its spending increased by almost 80 percent. Bloomberg calculated an inferred ranking back to 2009 for comparison purposes.
Greece moved up nine spots to 13th, as life expectancy rose by one year and per-capital spending fell almost 40 percent to $1,743 from $2,879. The country is in the midst of an economic crisis that has wiped away about a quarter of its GDP.