Friday, June 2, 2017

Keep Turmp Around For A Few Years

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Trump supporters fall into three basic categories.

1. The stupid. Some people are so stupid that all they can understand is pain.

2. The EVIL: Trump supporters are evil. They are birthers and but the stupidest birthers knew that Obama was born in the USA. They also knew that even if Obama were born in Kenya, his mother was an American so they knew he was qualified and so did comrade Trumpsky. 

3. The STUPID and EVIL: That is self-explanatory.

By the Spring of 1944 it was pretty clear that there was no way the Axis powers could win WW-2. Unlike the Germans, the Japanese people really were victims of their Emporer. Many Germans were Nazis. The US did Japan a favor by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki because it saved lives. The Japanese were not as enlighted as the Germans. They thought their Emporer was God. After they got nuked they woke up to the fact that he was an asshole. The run of the Japanese at the time was not a fanatic. They were also awed by Americans and they didn't act like assholes during the occupation.

Germans were a different breed. Like Trump supporters, they could easily be whipped up by hateful madmen. There were millions of fanatical Nazis in Germany and they needed to be taught a lesson. Eisenhower decided to turn Germany into rubble in order to punish the German people for putting Hitler in power. Had we bumped off Hitler there would have been big pockets of resistance so suing for peace may not have led to an unconditional surrender. Eisenhower kept Hitler around for many months as he kicked the crap out of Germany. This cowed the German people to the point where most of them embraced the American and British as liberators but because Germans are assholes there were still a lot of hardcore Nazis left. Since Eisenhower was a smart cookie he executed millions of hard-core Nazis and the Russian were even more brutal. As a result, Germany remained productive technologically, got an increased collective IQ and is no longer warlike. 

Trump supporters are basically Nazis and what you need to know is that Nazism is more than a political ideology. Trumpism and Nazism is a disease of the brain and the soul and society. It is like a cancerous spot that needs to be cut or burned out with its milder form put into permanent remission.  

Everyone has to hurt, even us good people. Germany will never see another Adolf Hitler because the good people there will fight it and the bad ones have been mostly exterminated. Their DNA has been purged from the German gene pool. 

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