Monday, October 23, 2017

Common Sense Gun Control

Adam Lanza

Gun deaths are a public health issue first and foremost. The simple truth is, there are a lot of crazy people with guns. Gun ownership is a right but rights come with responsibilities and a responsible society would keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. This responsibility falls on society and government.

Big Pharma responsible for another mass shooting? SC church ...

There are less gun owners today than in anytime in our history but more gun violence.  The solution should be; if anyone has been prescribed psychiatric medication or has been diagnosed with ANY mental illness NO GUNS! Doctors and family members need to be held responsible.

Eric Harris
Columbine Shooter Eric Harris

If you do even a little research you will find that most mass shooting have involved the use of psychiatric medication.  I would bet dollars to donuts that the Las Vegas shooter was or had been on psychiatric medication but the big pharma funded media will not report it. They never do.  Adam Lanza was on psychiatric drugs.  Before the wide spread use of modern psychiatric drugs mass shootings were rare. 

Related image
James Holmes Aurora Theater Shooter

I have studied this issue and I am certain that psychiatric drugs are the main cause.  Dr Peter Breggin would agree.

The time has come to craft legislation that will work and have a chance of passing.  This will work and could pass if all the members of congress who are mobbed up with the medical industry are exposed as  people who want crazy people to have guns.  The filth at the NRA will push back only to look more ridiculous than they already are. Set this trap for the filth on the right.  Please have the courage to fight big pharma and call out their sinister ways.

protect the second amendment - big pharma causes mass shootings

Banning guns will do little if anything to stem this epidemic. CRAZY PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER HAVE GUNS!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Punch a Nazi #PunchaNazi

I have met holocaust survivors. I have spoken with WW-2 vets who liberated the death camps. Holocaust deniers, Trump supporters, racists and birthers are ALL Nazis. Nazism is more than a political philosophy. Nazism is a genetic disorder that in my erudite and considered opinion needs to be exterminated and hopefully the day will come when fetuses carrying the Nazi gene will be aborted leading to the eradication of Nazism from the gene pool. Until that happens Nazis need to be put in check before the final checkmate.

Should patriots be literally punching Nazis?

This is a question that Patriots need to decide for themselves. Before you decide if you think you should haul off and unleash a bone crushing knockout punch on the pig face of a Nazi thug you may want to consider the consequences. If you get caught you will be arrested and you will be facing criminal charges. Is that worth it? Is a charge of felony assault worth you being taken out of the fight? Think long and hard before punching a Nazi. I am not condemning nor am I condoning the practice but if I were on the jury of a Nazi puncher I would vote not guilty. If I saw a Nazi getting knocked the fuck out, I would love it so long as the puncher did not get caught and the punch did damage.

Be Creative. There are a lot of ways to deal with Nazis. 

While it would be very satisfying to burn them out of their homes, break the bones, poison them, or shoot them it can also be satisfying to frustrate and ridicule them. Get involved in the information wars and get involved in the political system to make sure no far rightie becomes part of the American government. America is under attack by sophisticated Russian disinformation agents. You can help stop them by flagging their comments and videos. Employ dirty tricks. The fact is, nearly every pedophile is a registered Republican. Accuse all righties of being pedophiles. Use tricks from the Republican play book and keep them on the defensive. It takes a few seconds to tell a lie and years to debunk it. Swing voters probably would not vote for a pedophile.

Phish.Net: Study: 97% of pedophiles are republicans

If I Were to Punch a Nazi in Self Defense

I'd punch him hard and I would break bones if I punched his face. Hopefully I would be wearing gloves with lead in them.  I might hit one with a sap hatI might hit him on the side of the neck with a karate chop just below his ear so that the strike would drive the first vertebra known as the atlas into his spinal cord leaving him a quadriplegic. I might give his a thumb strike to the eye hard enough to destroy his eye. 

I may give the Nazis some elbow or forearm strikes or a knee strike to the balls followed by an uppercut. I would show a Nazi no mercy. 

Here are some dirty tricks I have heard about.

Call child protective services and ask them to do a well check on Nazi parents. Do it late late on a Friday afternoon so that they will stew in their juices over the weekend.

Spam their email and snail mail. Be creative. 

If they are a known drinker alert the police that they drink and drive.

Get a pretty female decoy to flirt with them and record them coming on to her. Send the evidence to his wife. 

Image result for keyed car

There are a lot of things you can do to their cars. Leave suggestions in the comment section.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

To Trump and His Trumproids: PAYBACK'S A BITCH!

Pay Back's A Bitch from The Hound on Vimeo.
To all you filthy ignorant treasonous Trump supporting trash, he's going to fuck you over more than you pea brained assholes can even fathom. Just like he fucked over all the suckers who attended Trump University you morons are going to get fucked way worse than the rest of us.