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Confessions of a Russian Troll

My Op Ed: Russian trolls work for the Putin government. They don't do it out of a sense of patriotism. They do it for the money. Most Russians hate Russia because Russia sucks. Russia is a shit hole country with no redeeming qualities and even the Russian trolls know this. They do it because they need the money. The Russian unemployment rate is somewhere between 7.8 and 14.3 percent. The Putin regime is very dishonest when it come to facts and figures so the Russian rate could be as high as 35%. The per capita GDP in Russia is dismal and under Putin they have been losing private sector jobs. Nobody with morals and good business sense wants to do business with Putin's Russia. The economy is so bad that the women turn to prostitution and and the out of work men become paid trolls.


Russia's paid government trolls have been blamed for everything from the fall of Hillary Clinton to the conflict in Ukraine — They have dominated headlines and sparked political intrigue. But is clocking in as a professional troll really everything it seems?

Following in the footsteps of other former employees, Lyudmila Savchuk and Olga Maltseva, more of the Kremlin's online army are now coming forward to tell their stories of working 12-hour shifts in Russia's most controversial office.

Russia's Bumaga news outlet spoke to one former troll about his life in "the factory" - and why the industry just isn't what it used to be.

Yes, Russian trolls did target the U.S. elections.

We wrote about 200 comments and 20 news posts for various fake pages each day. At the "factory," there were many different teams writing on different topics and targeting different websites. At the end of 2016, I know for sure that there were departments dedicated to the Ukrainian crisis and the U.S. elections. Due to my disclosure agreement, I can’t really talk about which department I worked for.

Trolling is tough (but the money makes it all worthwhile).

I graduated with a degree in philosophy in 2014 and didn’t know where to turn. I had large debts which needed to be paid off quickly. Then I read an article about "the factory" and realized that it was a place where I could make some quick money. Many of my colleagues found out about jobs there in the same way.
When I arrived at the interview, I already knew that I would be there to write pro-government propaganda on the Internet. I wasn’t surprised when the interviewer asked me to write a test comment on "fascist elements in the United States.” I was a little ashamed, but it was funny too.

I earned enough. Even Russia’s economic crisis didn't affect us. If you work there for long enough, then with all the bonuses you get for hitting your quotas and turning out good work, you can get 80,000 to 90,000 rubles a month. I really only stayed in the job for that. I bought myself a Mazda Six during my time there.

It was difficult to get used to at first. Why was I sitting in a stuffy office for eight hours a day, doing what I did? But I was tempted by easy work and good money. I resigned myself to working there and just started enjoying the fact that I was being paid well for doing very little.

Russia's politicians are expert trolls.

A professional troll should have a good sense of the people they are communicating with, and should fully realize what reactions they will get. And, most importantly, trolls shouldn't lose their creativity: inventing something new to write every day is incredibly difficult.

I think the ideal Internet troll would be [State Duma deputy Vitaly] Milonov. Everything he says and does is almost dreamlike in its insanity. Take his recent bill punishing anyone who attends opposition rallies. Madness. And it’s all just fluff, because no one took it seriously.

But our patriots do not like anything related to [opposition politician Alexei Navalny, including his rally [on March 26 against corruption]. So Milonov agitated Russia’s liberals public and raised the authority of the government among his fans. He practically used the logic and methods of a troll.

Trolling isn't as effective as you want to believe.

I can’t name any benefits that society would gain from this kind of work, to be honest. I was always ashamed to work there, so I even tried not to tell anyone. "Troll factories” aren’t benefiting society. It seems that everyone understands this but it’s just like the tabloid press: everyone just carries out their own orders in an attempt to cash in.

But really, our work doesn't bring great harm on to everyone. Personally, I believe our work doesn't bring results at all, and especially not the results which our backers hope for. No one believes in our posts: not us, and not our readers. Trolls argue with trolls. It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of people simply do not pay any attention to these kinds of comments.

The trolling industry is changing.

People who work as trolls don't really like their profession. But now things are changing: with “the factory” appearing so much in the media, the management is starting to scale down their workforce: I was fired. Now they are recruiting people who really believe what they are writing. You need to prove that you are a patriot in order to write comments for money. 

Managers also hope this policy will minimize the risk of moles, as happened with Maltseva and Savchuk [former employees who sued the company and discussed their work with the press].

My Op Ed: The Russian trolls are losing. The best Russian trolls didn't believe the crap they wrote. They knew Russia sucks and they knew Putin is bad for Russia and the knew Trump was a moron. They were not emotionally involved. The new trolls are brainwashed into thinking Putin is not a dictator and that Russia doesn't suck. This means that this new wave of Russian trolls are pretty much like our treasonous Trumptards. In other words, they are very fucking stupid and their lies are easy to bust.

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Russian Trolls On Yahoo News

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The infestation of Russian trolls continues to grow in both size and intensity. The time has come to rid all media of Russian trolls and their American fellow travelers known as the alt-right. The alt-right are Nazis and racists. They have no place in decent society. There needs to be a bounty on them. In lieu of a bounty, we can flag their propaganda on social media.

Yahoo has comment sections for most of it's articles. Russian trolls and their fellow travelers have infested Yahoo comment sections and there they spread their evil invectives.

Fight America's Enemies

Spend as much time as you can spare flagging Russian troll comments. What's a Russian troll comment? Anything that is right wing and is designed to flame is a Russian troll disinformation comment. FLAG THEM! REPORT THEM! FIGHT THEM!


One Professional Russian Troll Tells All

Hunting for paid Russian trolls in the Washington Post ...

What we can be doing to stop this assault on the America and what we should be doing are two different things. As patriots all we can legally do is report and troll the trolls but there is a problem with that. I think it was Mark Twain who said, "A lie can go half way around the world before the truth can put on its shoes." 

I don't know who said, "Dead men tell no lies." but it is an immutable truth. Here in the US, the fellow travelers here in the US who are spreading disinformation can be located and jailed but the 100's of thousands of trolls in Russia cannot be arrested but they can be located and killed by our agents in Russia. Russia is very lawless and violent country so killing Russian trolls in Russia would probably be quite easy. 

Trump's Mob Ties

BBC Exposes Trump's Mob Ties

Former Mafia-linked figure describes association with Trump

Protect the FBI and the Rule of Law From Trump And His Traitors

I am all for keeping a close watch on law enforcement including the FBI but when it comes to law enforcement agencies the FBI is very trust worthy because they recruit the best of the best.

Trump and the other traitors are attacking the FBI and Robert Mueller who has shown himself to be a man of honor throughout his entire life whereas Trump has shown himself to be a scoundrel and a known criminal throughout his entire life.


Flynn’s indictment tightens the noose on Trump’s White House

The FBI has kept us safe from terrorists for decades now and there is no telling how many innocent American lives they have saved with their professionalism and diligence. As Americans, we rely on the FBI to solve crimes and help put bad people behind bars but with that said law enforcement agencies rely on us for our trust and our help in solving crimes. Of course we should never give up our rights to law enforcement but that doesn't mean that we should not give law enforcement our trust and cooperation in reporting solving crimes. In spite of there being some bad cops, law enforcement remains and honorable profession made up with mostly honorable and patriotic Americans. The same cannot be said of Trump and his band of thieves, liars, spies and traitors.

A Nation of Laws Not of Men 

The Alt-Righties and many libertarians don't just hate the American government, they hate the very idea of government because they hate the rule of law. They whine about "their rights" but they don't give a rat's ass about your rights. They lack the morals and maturity to even consider that where your rights begin, their rights end. If they want to criticize the FBI that is their right and if they have legitimate complaints about the FBI or any other law enforcement agency it is not just their right to point fingers, it is their duty as citizen to hold law enforcement responsible to the rule of law but when it is a ruse and a sleazy political maneuver  to protect a known traitor and criminal it not only become obstruction of justice it becomes treason.

Treason Abounds!

Leading GOP Strategist Labels Trump and His Supporters Traitors

It is painfully apparent that Trump and his twisted supporters, including some Republicans holding high political office, will refuse to answer Wilson’s question. However, there are many Trump adherents among the religious right who embrace Trump based on his reverence and adoration of Putin because he designated Russia as a Christian nation and is an ardent foe of the LGBT community he enjoys hunting down and meting out punishment on. Other Republicans, primarily those in Congress, are embracing Trump and his love-interest Vladimir Putin because they desperately want to stay in dirty Don’s good graces; at least long enough to push through the mountains of Koch-ALEC legislation necessary to completely dismantle America.

Trumproids know in their black hearts that Russia attacked our political system yet they pretend to deny it. That's TREASON! They also cannot possibly blow off the numerous reports that Putin ordered an attack on this country, or the Russian deputy  minister’s admission that Moscow was in constant contact with Trump’s staff throughout the campaign for the sole purpose of electing Putin’s puppet Trump as president.  A lot more people than Mike Pence, Kellyanne, Conway, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Flynn, Carter Page and Paul Manafort should be facing the firing squad or the hangman's noose, Trump's disinformation trolls should be found and executed and Trump's trolls in should be killed along with Putin and every Russian oligarch. 

Trump is a Big Fat Lying Pig!

Oink!! - Demotivational Poster