Monday, February 6, 2012

The Honey Badger; The Symbol of the New Fat Acceptance
The Blacks have the Panther.
America has the Bald Eagle.
Chicago has the Bears and the Bulls
The obvious choice for fat acceptance is the hog but the movement needs an even more tenacious critter and the most aggressive, gluttonous and formidable animal is the Honey Badger. Honey Badger doesn't give a fuck.


  1. What about the fattest animal around, the blue whale? They are omega morbidly obese, weighing many tons and having a thick layer of blubber to protect them. A blue whale could beat up any bully in just one hit. They are also popular as a mascot for the land whales.

    I like eating food, including hot dogs. I am going to have a Belly Boy Dog right now, actually.

    Here is part of the recipe- you take 6 hot dogs and you slit them in half, then cook them, turning them over half way so that both sides cook. Next, we grate some cheddar cheese on top and keep the heat on so that it begins to melt. Now comes the sauerkraut - I have that heated up and I put a big heap on top of the cheese, and slice up several pickles on the side. I just love this meal, which is very tasty and allows me to indulge in my hot dog lust while still getting the cheese and calories that I need. The best drink to have with it is a nice frosty mug of beer, while watching a football or baseball game. This is one of my favorite snacks.

    Next up are Belly Boy Nachos. I use a special 8 cheese blend that I melt on top of home made tortilla chips, plus I put jalapeño peppers chopped up and mixed in with the cheese, as well as some other Mexican delights, lots of spices and lots of CHEESE. I make sure to get lots of cheese layered around - I put a layer of chips, and a layer of cheese mix, etc etc, BEFORE I melt it. Now I am sure in advance that I will get adequate cheese coverage, and I am ready to melt it. This way, you don't get a few chips with lots of cheese and then most of them without any. That is always some lame ass sh** when that happens, which it never happens to me anymore because of my advanced nacho tactics. I wash the nachos down with a nice margarita, with plenty of salt on the rim of the glass.

    Finally, we're talking Buffalo Wings. I prefer the drumsticks, which I batter up in my special bourbon batter, and after frying them to a crispy perfection, I slather them in a generous amount of my own special Belly Boy BBQ Sauce, which contains a lot of alcohol. You can get wasted off of my buffalo wings, believe it or not. I can't, because I'm a SSBHM.


  2. I think for fat people in general the blue whale is an OK choice but I think the wild feral hog is a better choice. The blue whale is not aggressive enough. We fatlings are actually landwhales.


    Cheese it to mortar of the foundation of fatling fare. CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

    Hey Belly Boy, when are you gonna bust a belly rhyme?

    Boom Shakka Lakka Got a Belly Boy frank.
    Skinny chick porn makes fat boys wanna wank.
    Munster, cheddar, nacho cheese
    Tastes so good brings this fat boy to his knees.

    Fat Bastard drops the mic, drops his pants and drops a huge steamin dump YO!


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