Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bigger Fatter Politics Brings You MORE Fattitude.

Many of our readers want political stories with more fattitude. Just like Bill O'Riely has the no spin zone Bigger Fatter Politics and it sister sites NAAFA and Bigger Fatter Blog are pleased to announce our new correspondent Womynia Eatmoore. Womynia will be hosting the NoThinZone.

Womynia's hard hitting and provocative brand of journalism is breath fresh air in the increasing stale, ossifying and besotted fatosphere.  In the tradition of Bigger Fatter Blog and Dr Gerald Bear's Biggest Fattest Blog, Ms Eatmoore will be bringing an insightful/inciteful no holds barred reporting and journalistic style that is just what the glutton ordered but now with a generous triple portion of fries and an all you can eat desert bar. Ms Eatmoore will be bringing you news and that you can really sink your teeth into.
Sophomoric Sycophant Kate Harding could not express a single thought without her dirty middle finger and the made up word douche canoe.
MeMe Still Undefeated Debates and Defeats Fat Girls

Kate Harding, has lost her sting. She needs to MOOOOOve over, make room for Womynia and sit back and watch what this fat feminist alpha sow can do! Since you Kate could not lick MeMe Roth we decided to bring in a real pro with a sharper and more educated tongue who eats women like MeMe Roth for a pre breakfast snack.
Womynia Eatmore!

Welcome to the Bigger Fatter Family Womynia!


  1. Womynia Eatmore seems like she probably has the kind of keen intellect, wit, and insightful analysis that the worldwide readership of this website have come to know and expect. It's a big responsibility, having this platform, but it also gives Womynia the chance to share her views, life experiences, and opinions with others.

    Hopefully she'll also offer up some fashion tips along the way. I've been thinking about growing a beard.


  2. We needed a female perspective. We are so fortunate to have you, Teddy, Proud FA, Fatarina Wit, Coach Gains and the Chef but we needed the hard edge that only and angry man hating rug munching gender confused diesel dyke can bring. Womynia Eatmore reminds me a lot of Rush Limbaugh only she's not a child molester and has smaller titties but I think she may have an Oxycontin habit.

    I bet you would look very distinguished with a beard or a goatee. A Foo Manchu would look good. Yep, a good cookie duster would be nice for you sort of like what hero to all fatties Wilford Brimley has. It will catch the crumbs.

    1. You're right, I think that a mustache would be better than a full beard. With a mustache, I could simply brush the crumbs into my mouth, but with a beard it will act as an involuntary, filthy bib.

      How did you get in contact with Ms. Eatmore?


  3. Ms Eatmore is a NAAFA/Fierce Fatties defector. She sought me out plus Proud FA used to pork her and the NAAFA conventions. Womynia Eatmore is her pen name. She is acting as a double agent. She's our undercover reporter.

    You would be best with a mustache but some Elvis style pork chop side burns may look nice.

  4. Good evening Fat Bastard:

    OK, this is going to be off topic, because, while it is a political and civil right's issue, it's a non-fat issue.

    Now, I know in the past, we have had some disagreements with some size acceptance organizations, like NAAFA for example: because while they are into size acceptance, they won't go as far as we do, in promoting obesity and gluttony.

    But all that aside . . . . .

    In all the fat groups, we all support the rights of gays and lesbians, and we are all against racial prejudice, so we all support human rights. That's the one thing we all do have in common.

    Now, getting to my topic.

    I guess you all have heard about the shooting, the murder of a 17 year old black kid, Trayvon Martin, who was walking home from a corner store, carrying nothing more than a small box of Skittles and a can of Ice Tea.

    On his way home, Trayvon Martin was confronted by a George Zimmerman, who pulled out a gun and shot him, dead!

    George Zimmerman was a member of some Neighborhood Watch group. At first, he called the police saying there was someone who looked "suspicious" a black kid wearing a dark blue jacket with a hood, a hoody.

    At 911, they told him not to confront the "suspect" and not to follow him, but instead, wait for a police officer to check it out.

    But no! George Zimmerman took it upon himself to confront Trayvon Martin, an argument ensued, and George Zimmerman pulled out his gun, and shot and killed an unarmed 17 year old black kid.

    George Zimmerman thought the kid looked suspicious because it was a gated community with mostly white residents, and Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old black kid wearing a dark hoody and walking alone in the neighborhood.

    Trayvon Martin was staying with some relatives, and he went out to the little corner store to buy a can if Ice Tea and a box of Skittles for his younger brother. He was only minding his own business when he was shot and killed.

    When I was a kid, I had a dark blue jacket with a hood, what is now referred to as a hoody. I wore it on cool rainy nights to keep my head dry.

    So, what are we suppose to wear when we go out on a cool night?

    Anyway . . . . .

    I recently discovered a new YouTube channel titled:
    SuperPacJack's channel

    He's a middle aged fat gentleman who knows what he's talking about, and has made several videos in which he talks about the murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

    So, please do check pout his YouTube channel.

    We all need to listen to the wise ol' fat man in the rocking chair.

    He knows what he's talking about.

  5. I am glad you brought this up Teddy. Bigger Fatter Politics is a fact based news source for all things fat and political. We present news and politics from a fat centric and food centric perspective. I, Fat Bastard encourage the bold discussion of all political issues fat or non fat.

    I take issue with NAFFA and other members of the fatosphere comparing the plight of fat folks with the plight of Black folks and Jews. Even though I am not Black or Jewish I find what the angry fat girls are doing to be highly insulting.

    I wanted to blog about Trayvon Martin but since I don't have your sweep I had no idea how to do it with the class and style this horrible and senseless tragedy deserves. Once again Teddy, you get it and I, Fat Bastard thank you for bringing it up. I also think that as a victim of abuse and being a Jew you are far more than I, Fat Bastard am.

    The filthy rich often get away with murder. It seems that their first targets are often Blacks and then poor whites.

    I think it is time that we fight back. Please take time to visit my Medical Holocaust blog. The filthy richest and the most deadly are the medical industry turds. Medical Holocaust speaks to all the atrocities committed by the American medical industry including the deadly medicines they unleash on us Fatlings.


    Belly Boy cracks a beer, and pours it down his gullet. He then takes out a big bag of McDonald's. With a new fresh beer in one hand, and a big mac in the other, Belly Boy lets loose a loud fart. The beer is done. The burger is gone. It's McNugget time. Belly Boy begins dunking McNuggets into his own unique mixture - three parts McDonald's BBQ Sauce, 1 part ketchup, 1 part mayo. Twenty nuggets disappear in rapid succession. The six-pack of beers is gone. Belly Boy breaks out his Frostie from Wendy's and devours it. Belly Boy begins reeling from BRAIN FREEZE!!

    Hey guys, why aren't you partying? Why is it just me eating and drinking and farting all by myself why you guys just watch? Aren't you interested in gaining anymore?

    Belly Boy begins to blubber and cry like an enormous 900 lbs baby.


  7. Ahhhh... there is nothing like the scent of a McDonalds fart.... Smells like fattitude!!

    Belly Boy, you have a great eating system and your gluttonous fattitude rocks.

    Today was a KCF day for me. I ate a bucket of original recipe, mashed taters and gravy with a pan of brownies for desert and shots of Bailey's Irish Cream with a beer chasers.

    Don't cry Belly Boy, I was a good little pig today and I am eyeing a 1/2 a cheese cake for a post supper pre snack snack.

  8. Hey Fat Bastard.

    It must get boring to put up strange, useless blog posts, and then have conversations between yourself as several different characters.

    But remember, we share a love of science, so don't forget that. I know I won't.

  9. I am going to OINK harshly at you anon. OINK!

    I have no love for the fat hating junk science that gets passed of as real science. I rely on Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear to make sense of it all.

    I take my cue from real scientists like Kate Harding, Paul Campos, and Linda Bacon & Eggs.... with some buttery toast.

    Belly Boy, comes from a wealthy family of scientists and medical professionals.

    I assure you anon the readers who post on Bigger Fatter Politics and Bigger Fatter Blog (fat haters flagged Bigger Fatter Blog) because of its threat to them are many and varied. The haters were so fat phobic that they feared that the message promoting obesity and gluttony was reaching too many people.

    People fear knowledge. Bigger Fatter Blog was huge threat to the diet industry and the weight loss industry. They hated our message and the there are some in the old worn out FA movement who hated our message as well.

    Here is our message. Being fat may be hazardous to to your health but it's worth it. Gluttony is good.

    The new fat acceptance is the threat to the old guard aka NAAFA and it is a bigger threat to the weight loss industry. Unlike NAAFA we don't ostracize people who don't want to be fat nor do we questions their motives. We instead extoll the virtues of greedy gluttony and stress the positives of being fat and the positives are every delicious morsel we put in our mouths. As anyone can plainly see most Americans opt for gluttony and we are hear to support them in that but by the same token we do not judge those fatlings who do opt to cease their gluttony.

    We help fatlings with bariatric nutritional advice from people like Rev Big Lard Ass and Dr Bear. We give feeding advice to gainers from folks like the Chef, Coach Gaines and out own Dean of Feederism, Proud FA.

    NAFAM or the New American Fat Acceptance Movement does what they original NAAFA did. We seek to AID fat Americans and promote hedonism, obesity and gluttony by normalizing obesity and influencing society to more readily accommodate and enable fatlings. The difference between us and the jealous man hating fat girls of the old fat acceptance is we don't lie about why we are fat. That is why we are respected and popular.

    Bigger Fatter Blog is now under 500 page views a day down from 3000 since it was flagged on the blogspot platform but it continues to do well on the Posterous.

    Because Bigger Fatter Politics is a news and political blog it Google won't fuck with it. Our readership is rapidly growing.

    1. I find it strange that so many of your kindred readers all write in the same style as yourself. If I was pretending to have conversations with other people, I'd probably mix it up a bit more, but that's just me.

    2. OINK!

      Like all my other glutton friendly blogs BFP is very popular. Since my writing and the writing of my contributors is intelligence and thoughtful a stupid person such as yourself would see a similarity and miss the the rest.

      My readers are smart so it would follow that their comments would reflect their high level of intellectual functioning.

      Anon, I think you need to eat something.

    3. Of course, Fat Bastard.

      The writing of your contributors are simply intelligence.

  10. Way to go Fat Bastard!

    Many fat acceptance types are like religious fundamentalists. They are members of a dangerous death cult. While I may disagree with fat acceptance I appreciate your honesty.

    I have good news for you Fat Bastard. I am working to get your Bigger Fatter Blog reindexed and that warning taken off. The reason you are still getting so many views is because you are on all the other search engines. Bing is gaining on Google every day and so is Duck Duck go.

  11. OINK! This piggy is glad to hear that FAT BASTARD had a nice KFC day. Their famous bowls are delicious. But nothing beats a bucket of original recipe, that's for sure. One day hopefully they will make a meal of just fried chicken skins, mashed potatoes, and gravy. That will be the Ideal Meal.

    @Anonymous Although to you all us fat people look alike, I assure you that me and Fat Bastard are different people. Either of us could easily out-eat you, by the way.

    @El That's awesome that you're helping to get Bigger Fatter Blog reindexed!! It is indeed our honest nature that sets us apart from the other fat rights groups.

    Of course, I do advocate teaming up with NAAFA in some areas. For example, we need to come together to draft the Joint NAAFA/NAFAM Statement on the Rights of Persons of Size.


  12. Thanks for the support Belly Boy.

    Truth as its detractors. One jerk off thinks you the readers/commentators here are all me, Fat Bastard. They see a similar style. There is a similar. The people who read and comment on Bigger Fatter Politics and Blog are like me....SMART and well spoken.

    El, is a leanling but he is not an FA. Like you, Teddy, BLA, The Chef, Rotunda, Proud FA, Womynia, Coach Ganes, Brenda Buffet, Fatty Baluca, Pig and so many others El, protects the truth even if that truth is unpopular.

    KFC kicks ass but nothing beats an all you can eat buffet. I would love it if you, I, Fat Bastard, Dr Bear, the Chef, BLA, Rotunda and others could hit a buffet and decimate it. By the time we were done there won;d not even be enough scraps for the cockroaches.



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