Sunday, March 11, 2012

Obese? Fat? Portly? Fluffy? Fat Terminology and Political Correctness.
I am obese and I love every crease.
I am obese my blubber's like grease.
I am obese my belly I'd lease.
I am obese, so's my cousin Maurice.
I am obese and so is my niece.
I am obese and with that I'm at peace.
I am obese and so's my friend Reece
I am obese let the PC stuff cease!


  1. Just had a wet dream about Krispy Kreme doughnuts... oooh, that man release was sooooo hot!

  2. I dream that my pecker is a Twinkie that oozes cream into Paula Deen as she cums butter.

  3. Ahhhh Paula... like to hit that luscious lotus with my free and bulbous scrotus! Bourdain that skinny hypocrite... his scorn is only for what he must only worship from afar. Anyone who's been around a kitchen as much as any of us simply drools at the thought of Paula's buttery essence.

  4. She's one hot mature fat MILF and YES she does cum butter. I bet porking her is like butter.

  5. I dreamt that the clouds were made out of marshmallows and I ate every last one. Cumulonimbus up in that mo'fo'.

    Your friend Reece seems like a really cool dude, by the way. Very casual, and non-judgmental.


  6. Reece is obese and his uncle is Ed Meese.

    Marshmallow clouds that rain chocolate. YUM!

  7. Good evening Fat Bastard!

    OK, here's some more obese terminology.

    You know that we pear-shaped obese males, how many of us have that great big groin area below the waist, and how, in extreme cases, that it hangs down over a shrunken penis and down over the thighs making it physically impossible to have an erection.

    By the way . . . I like how that feels!

    And, in the case of obese apple-shaped males, the upper-belly above the waist hangs down over the waistband of the pants, causing the pants to slide half-way down on a smaller butt, and in more extreme cases, the upper belly protrudes out far forward, and sort of rises up under the chest exerting pressure on the heart.

    Well, here's my proposed terminology . . .

    For the pear-shaped male with a huge low-hanging groin area below the waist, it should be called . . .


    And for the apple-shaped obese male with the huge round ball-shaped belly rising up under his chest, and hanging down over the front of his pants, it should be called . . .


    So, here are a couple of examples of how those terms can be used when meeting someone with those bodily features.

    Example 1:

    While walking the streets, you approach and extremely obese pear-shaped guy with broad hips, big thighs, and that huge lower-groin area hanging down over his short fat thighs, and you say to him "Hey Dude! That sure is one great big LOW-HANGING-UN-MANNING-FEMINIZING-PENIS-CRUSHER you have there"! If somebody were to say that to me, I would respond with "Why, thank you! I like it myself! I like the way if feels"!

    Example 2:

    While walking along the beach, you approach and extremely obese apple-shaped guy with a huge round ball-shaped belly that rises up under his chest, and hangs down over the front of his shorts causing his shorts to slide half-way down on his butt, exposing his butt-crack, and you say to him, "Hey Dude! That is one really great big humongous HIGH-RISING-LOW-HANGING-PANTS-DROPPING-HEART-STOPPER you're carrying around in front of you"! To which you might reply "Why thank you! I like it very much! It took many years of gluttony and drinking lots of beer to build this up"!

    I'm sure, that hose of us who embrace gluttony, and love obesity, that we would take such terms had high complements!

    Let me know what you think. I would welcome anyone's opinion on that.

    In the meantime . . . . .

    I'll be thinking up some more appropriate and more erotic terms for the features of obese bodies.

  8. Teddy Bear, you never cease to amaze me with your insights. You should be Professor Emeritus of fat studies at any major university. Who else has your sweep? answer... NOBODY!!

    Your work work in the field of fat somatotypes advances the work of American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon who associated body types with human temperament types. With you further breaking it down into fat somatotypes you have brought more interest back to Sheldon's too often ignored work. The ramifications of your bold thinking are many and positive. Your contributions in this much ignored field (and I have said this before) should be taught in every school K -12 and beyond.


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