Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Reason Why Fat Girls Make Horrible Mothers

In these videos all the nannies are fat. On our other site I posted data regarding the high rates of C-sections and birth defects and autism caused by fat girls' fat but that's good for the economy but these fat girls are child abusers.

In most cases the nanny abusers are fat and the moms are skinny. We know how jealous fat girls can be. We know how lazy fat girl moms are.

In defense of these fat nannies; Child care is not easy. It requires a lot of moving and it cuts into their television and eating time.

Here another hungry, fat and angry sow beats the crap out of a baby!

I, Fat Bastard, have taken a lot of flak from the angry man hating fat girls in the NAAFA style fat acceptance movement. Fat men don't abuse children and skinny women with the rare exception of Casey Anthony rarely abuse children but child abuse among fat girls is epidemic.

For the fat admirers reading this I would tell them to continue to pork these sluts but when in doubt... PULL OUT or put a helmet on that soldier. You don't want to get an angry sow knocked up.



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