Thursday, July 26, 2012

Study Says Chocolate a CURE for Depression and Bulimia

Study Says Chocolate a CURE for Depression! LINK
Proud FA can tell you that BBWs respond favorably to chocolate. It makes them happy and horny. Before Proud lays the dick to one he feeds them plenty of chocolate. He claims that chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac and numerous studies back his assertion. Carrot cake, spice cake or angel food cake simply won't do. It has to be chocolate cake. Again, chocolate has been shown conclusively to cure depression.
Your teeth will wear out before you can get fat on these "foods." This is the kind of "food" that FOOD eats
BULLimics are merely fat girls that are good at barfing. They all think they are as special as the royal family be the BULLimic/Mia the Princess of Puke or the Duchess of York. Like the average run of the mill fat girl BULLimics don't want to give up their perpetual parade yummy treats. They simply will not eat thinling foods.
Duchess of York

Bulimics are merely fat girls in waiting. They puke so they can eat again and cut because they are psycho. The only time I want to puke is when I see Kate Harding's dog face and the only thing worth cutting is a slice of Boston Cream pie or a healthy fart.

That's right all you BULLimics. Eat and fart like the proud fatlings in this video.
Real womyn have curves and weigh 200+ lbs  They need real food!

Thinlings have their boring food pyramid and the rest of us who are fatlings have an exciting food pyramid.


  1. Hey everyone! I am in Thailand still, but I wanted to give you an update and tell you that I am feeling okay. The doctors are optimistic but we won't know if I am okay for real until a few more weeks. So hang tight!

    In fat news, there has been a terrible event in New Orleans. Brace yourself. Hubig's Pie Factory has been destroyed in a fire. They made delicious fried snack pies since 1922.

  2. OINK!

    Thank you Belly Boy for giving us the 411 on your medical tourism adventure. You are in our thoughts daily and we are happy to know that you are in good medical hand and that your spiritual adviser Rev BLA is at your side

    The entire fatosphere is shocked and saddened over the Hubig's pie factory fire. I smell a conspiracy and I smell MeMe Roth. First they take the Twinkie and not this! ANGRY OINK!


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