Friday, July 27, 2012

Tragedy Shakes The Fatosphere: Hubigs Pie Factory Leveled In Five Alarm Fire

Not since Hurricane Katrina has New Orleans faces such devastation. The iconic Hubig's Pie Factory has burned to the ground. Our own cyber reporter Belly Boy first broke the devastating news right here on on Bigger Fatter Politics.

Fatlings all over the US are sick about this and in a show of support for the management and workers at Hubig gave up eating pie for over an hour. Local and state police remain on high alert in case pie riots break out. Price gouging has been reported of the remaining pies sold in supermarkets and other stores and near riots have occurred and some unruly fatlings clamor for more pie.

Was This a Case of Arson?

New Orleans authorities remain tight lipped about the cause of this fire only to say that they suspect it may have started in a fryer. While other unnamed and named sources suspect foul play our own internet reporter Belly Boy will be traveling to the Big Easy to investigate and eat.

Long time Louisianian Coach Gaines, when asked about the cause of the fire said, "First they took our Twinkies, then our super sized sodas and now they are coming after our pies."

An anonymous source suspects MeMe Roth, "This has MeMe Roth's fat hating hands all over it. I bet she was their with gasoline and a flame thrower"  MeMe Roth is a controversial anti obesity crusader but police sources say that she is not a person of interest in their investigation. 


When reached for comment the Chef said, "As a man of color and as a man with a big appetite who ain't makin not apologies for it, the Chef's heart goes out to all the pie lovers of the greater New Orleans pie eating area."

Pie Lover Dwayne The Rock Johnson released this statment, "The Rock and his millions and MILLIONS of fan and fellow pie eaters are deeply saddened by the loss of  Hubig's Pie Shop. If the the Rock catches the jabronnie who caused this fire the Rock will lay the smackdown on his candy ass. The Rock loves pie."

Bigger Fatter Politics asks its readers to go online and order up some Hubig's pies as soon and they are back up and running.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/pies28n-2-web.jpg
Exhausted fire fighters extinguish the smoldering remains the iconic pie factory.

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