Saturday, August 4, 2012

Republican Homos and Their Hypocrisy

You Can't Hide the Pink Elephant in the Congressional Mens Room

The Dems have some homos. Right now the only one that comes to mind is Barney Frank but nobody makes any bones about congressman's Frank's sexuality. Frank is not a liar nor is he a hypocrite. He's one gay who's a real straight shooter.

The Republicans have more homos than a Fire Island bathhouse or a San Fransisco YMCA. These Senate Sodomites and House homos outnumber the Dem deviants 10 to 1! GOP has now come to mean Gay Old Pedophiles. Out of the closet gays are far less likely to molest kids than straight men but closeted gays like the ones in the GOP are in part the reason for why there is an epidemic of child molestation with the Republican party.
He'll bite your fucking dick off!

It's quite clear that the GOP House and Senate have more fruit than a farmer's market. They are so light in the loafers that I bet those BVDeviant's butts don't make any noise when they fart.

These Republican tonsil jockeys swallow more seaman than the Bermuda Triangle and they they go to lunch at some swanky DC Chinese restaurant their favorite soup is Cream of Sum Yung Gi.

They are such hypocrites. They vote against mandates but they love to go on man dates.

Stop the hypocrisy. You Republican rump wranglers need to sashay out of the closet and maybe that way you will stop raping boys. It's OK, Jesus was knob gobbler himself. The reason so many Republican boys run away from home is because they don't like the way they are being reared.


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