Thursday, October 25, 2012

220 MPH Cadillac CTS! Let Detroit Go Bankrupt!

I'm a Ford man but goddamn it that new Caddy is pound for pound and dollar for dollar is the best car on the planet. This car makes this fat boy's tuckered out heart beat strong and proud. I believe this master piece of American engineering tops out on the dyno and over whopping 800 hp. (I love to say the word whopping as it reminds me Burger King's Whopper.

I always liked Mustangs more than Camaros but while I would still own a Mustang the new Camaro is just as good. The 707-hp Chevy Camaro ZL1 hit a spine tingling 204 MPH in the video below.

This VR 1200 twin turbo coup produces 1066 horsepower and the rear wheels. Holy fucking shit!

Only an asshole would want to see the US car industry go bankrupt. Mitt Romney is a flaming fucking asshole.


Even though Chrysler has already flatly denied Willard lying assertion that all Jeep production is moving to China, Willard is STILL RUNNING commercials in Ohio claiming that very thing! Incredible. Oh, and by the way, in response to Willard's fantastic lie that he of all people (!) saved the auto industry, the CEO of GM, when asked about the matter by reporter Dean Reynolds,  made the following statement:

"Did President Obama save General Motors?" Reynolds asked

"Without the money, without the funding, it would have been very problematic," said Akerson. "At the risk of alienating a whole lot of potential customers, I would say the Obama administration did a good job."

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and other critics have argued the bailout was unnecessary, and that the regular bankruptcy process would have made GM and Chrysler stronger companies.

"Would that have happened?" Reynolds asked.

"Not in my opinion," asked Akerson. "It would have been in bankruptcy for years and I think you could have written off this company, this industry and this country."

And right-wingers are STILL arguing that it was a bad idea!!

That's why the forces of sanity--mostly the Democrats--have to win over the forces of ideological fanaticism--the Republicans

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