Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Shit A Republican and Not Wreck Your Asshole

I, Fat Bastard rarely endorse a product but with all the shit coming out of the mouths/asses of Republicans  I am reminded just how big of a pain in the ass that they are. All of us fatties have gone to the shitter and given birth to to a giant Republican. When ever I know that a huge ass busting shit is about to come down the poop shoot I call it a Republican. When it is particular nasty and it flip flops into the brownie bowl I call it a Romney. If it is a spray of floating nuggets that just won't flush I call it a Ryan.

A big ass busting turd can do as much damage your butt hole as that butt hole George Bush did to the economy. Brute force is not the best way to purge your colon of Republicans. Like Romney you need to switch positions in order to coax these colon clogging rectal wreckers from your lower bowel.
GOP elephant giving birth to more Romneys


  1. OK, I have a question concerning The Squatty Potty.

    What if you have a great big belly that protrudes out three feet in front of you, and hangs down to your knees?

    How would you be able to put your feet up on that little stool and have your knees way up like that?

    It only works for people who aren't too fat to bend over.

    1. You have inspired a great idea with your question Teddy.... The Belly Bench! As a remote control hydraulic lift to the bench to lift the legs and belly. The guy to bring this product to market is Bill Fabrey the founder of the original NAAFA National Association Aiding Fat American.

      A simple solution would be the a pannicular post to supporting the meat skirt.


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