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US Senator Mike Crapo Busted For Drunk Driving

The following news story is from Huffington Post. My editorial comments will be in bold.

It comes as no surprise that Mike Crapo is a Republican but is is somewhat surprising that Crapo is a Mormon. Alcohol use by Mormons is strictly forbidden. I have known a lot of people who drive drunk who have never gotten caught. The odds of getting caught DWI are actually slim. You can go to happy hour ever night after work, catch a buzz and drive home and the unless there is an illegal sobriety check point the odds of getting caught are slim and none. The point is, Mike Crapo drive drunk all the time.

Mike Crapo, the Republican senator from Idaho who was arrested on Sunday morning for driving under the influence, once said he abstains from alcohol.

Crapo in 2010 said that he was motivated to sponsor legislation to reduce taxes on small beer brewers because of his pro-business views. The Mormon lawmaker told The Associated Press that if the measure was approved, he would celebrate with root beer because he doesn't consume alcohol.
The AP reports:
Crapo's arrest early Sunday in a Washington, D.C., suburb on suspicion of drunken driving suggests a private life that departed from his public persona as a teetotaling member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. About a quarter of Idaho's population subscribes to the Mormon faith, which discourages members from using alcohol, as well as coffee, tea and tobacco.
Colleagues said Monday they were taken aback by word of Crapo's arrest. The three-term senator is accused of registering a 0.11 percent blood-alcohol level on a breath test after running a red light in Alexandria, Va., where the legal limit is 0.08.
Following the incident over the weekend, Crapo issued an apology.

Here's Crapo's booking photo, provided by the Alexandria, Va. Police Department, from after he was arrested on Sunday:
mike crapo mugshot
Hey bartender, pour one, pour two, pour three more glasses of beer. Mike don't care what the people are thinking; he ain't drunk, he's just drinkin.

The Idaho Statesman said in an editorial published on Tuesday, "It would be unfair to judge Crapo, or anybody else, on one mistake. But it is totally fair to evaluate him according to where he goes from here and what he does to turn this matter from a negative to a positive."

 What total bullshit that is! I will explain  further the odds of driving one time all drunk and getting pulled over by the police and arrested for DWI. It sounds to me like the Idaho Statesman is on the Mike Crapo payroll. I would ask my readers to contact the Idaho Statesman and write every bottle to their dishonest and fat-free editorial.

In an unrelated incident in December of last year, Randy Babbitt resigned from his post as FAA administrator after he was arrested on drunk driving charges.

Below, more on the latest developments related to Crapo from the AP:

State Sen. Brent Hill of Rexburg, who considers Crapo a friend, said his son called him with the news, and his reaction was: "You must be talking about somebody else." Hill is the Idaho Senate's top Republican, a position Crapo held while he was a state lawmaker from 1988 to 1992. Like Crapo, Hill is a Mormon.
"Obviously, I think many of us are very disappointed," Hill told the AP. "As a citizen of the state of Idaho, we have a right to be disappointed, and as a member of his faith, I'm disappointed that a tenet of our faith didn't mean any more to him than evidently it did."
Crapo faces a court date Jan. 4.
Lindsay Nothern, a spokesman for the senator in Idaho, said Crapo would have no comment Monday. The lawmaker, who is married with five children, was spending the Christmas holiday with family, Nothern said.
In a statement Sunday, Crapo took responsibility and pledged to ensure "this circumstance is never repeated."
"I am deeply sorry for the actions that resulted in this circumstance," said Crapo, 61. "I made a mistake for which I apologize to my family, my Idaho constituents and any others who have put their trust in me."
The state's junior U.S. senator, Republican Jim Risch, also was "very surprised" by the news, spokesman Brad Hoaglun said.
But Hoaglun said Crapo, a cancer survivor whose public image previously was squeaky clean, should be able to count on Idaho residents' forgiveness and understanding during what's clearly a difficult time.
"As a friend and colleague, I offer my support and help to him in any way I can," Risch said in a statement. "Senator Crapo has worked hard on behalf of Idahoans for many years and I have full confidence that Senator Crapo will continue his dedicated and unselfish service to the people of Idaho."
Risch is Catholic and Catholics drink like fish especially the Irish Catholic and that is what makes them fun to hang out with.

Idaho's two U.S. representatives, Raul Labrador and Mike Simpson, are Mormons, though Simpson has been open with constituents and media about drinking and smoking cigarettes.
I heard that Mormons are not even allowed to drink coffee of tea.
Neither Republican immediately responded to a request for comment.
Idaho politicians getting arrested for drunken driving is nothing new: Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter was arrested in the early 1990s, when he was lieutenant governor; Democratic state Sen. Edgar Malepeai of Pocatello was arrested for DUI in 2009; and former state Sen. John McGee, a Caldwell Republican, was arrested on Father's Day 2011 after driving drunk and taking a car that didn't belong to him.
           But none of them were Mormon.

Crapo raised the stakes by projecting an image of a diligent member of the faith and – at least outwardly – following church founder Joseph Smith's 1833 revelation in which he advised members that "strong spirits are not for the belly."
Perhaps the Senator is like me and considers anything over 80 proof to be strong spirits. For me, Fat Bastard, beer and wine are just a warm-up or a chaser for the strong stuff.

Perhaps Sen. Crapo needs some drinking lessons. Maybe if he gets good and liquored up on some wild Turkey liquor or some Bacardi 151 rum he will be able to handle the strong stuff. Let's be honest here, Mike Crapo is a drunk and if he ever decides to attend AA meetings or go to rehab he will he can then be called an alcoholic. The odds of a drunk admitting that he or she is a drunk are slim and none the odds of a Republican Mormon drunk admitting that he's a drunk are beyond astronomical.
The U.S. Senate adjourned last week and wasn't expected to resume until Wednesday; it's unclear why Crapo had remained in Washington, D.C., ahead of the Christmas holiday.
According to the police report, he was alone in his car. It wasn't immediately clear where he'd been or where he was going when he was stopped.
Since Crapo is a Mormon and since Mormons have a long history of polygamy he was probably coming back from one of his Washington wives a.k.a. a hooker. That is standard operating procedure for Republicans.
Crapo was a Mormon bishop at 31 and has showed no public signs of a break from his church's teachings.
 Mitt Romney was also a Mormon bishop and we know what a lying hypocrite he is. like Sen. Crapo, he too probably drinks like a fish.
Church members must follow its guidance – including its rules on alcohol – to participate fully in the faith's rituals, including temple activities that are central to the religion.
The governing bodies of the Mormon church have always been  bunch of lowlife scumbag hypocrites but that's true of every religion. So don't hold your breath waiting for the church elders to excommunicate Sen. Mike Crapo.
Phone calls Monday to Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City were not returned.
Church officials are notorious weasels and liars. They will remain moot on this until it blows over.
Crapo, first elected in 1998, is expected to take over the top Republican spot next year on the Senate Banking Committee. He also serves on the Senate's budget and finance panels and was a member of the so-called "Gang of Six" senators who worked in 2011 toward a deficit-reduction deal that was never adopted by Congress.

The 2010 bill he sponsored on cutting taxes for brewers ultimately stalled.


Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) drank vodka prior to being arrested in Alexandria, Va., on Dec. 23, according to court documents obtained by the Del Ray Patch.

"The driver indicated that he consumed several shots of vodka hours earlier and did not consume any more alcoholic beverages since," wrote the arresting officer. The officer described his eyes as "bloodshot and watery." Despite the fact that he drank vodka, the officer noted a smell of alcohol on his breath "which became stronger as he spoke."

Vodka has long been the drink of choice for hard-core alcoholics. Clearly Mike Crapo Sen. from Idaho is a hard-core alcoholic. Drunks tend to be delusional, it's part of the disease of alcoholism. They mistakenly believe that alcohol in the form of vodka cannot be detected on their breath. They also put it in coffee cups and attitude beverages like Coca-Cola or coffee.

I will be surprised if United States Sen. Mike Crapo comes clean and admits that he is been and is today a hard-core alcoholic. Most alcoholics will not admit the big problem. But in Crapo's case he's also a hypocrite because he's a Mormon in Mormonism is as big of a scam as Scientology.


  1. Mike Crapo has always been a douche bag. He was a douche bag in high school and he's a douche bag now.


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