Thursday, February 28, 2013

CPAC Snubs Chris Christie


What do you get when you cross the water buffalo with a honey badger? Answer… New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Like the honey badger not only does Chris Christie not give a shit and have a voracious appetite he's big and impervious to pain like a Cape Buffalo and he's smart.

It turns out that the conservative group C-PAC has tried to crap all over Gov. Christie and he doesn't give a shit. And like the water buffalo he didn't even feel it. Covering all his blubber is a very tough hide. Fucking with Chris Christie if I'm wrestling with a pig in mud. Eventually you figure out that the pig is liking it And like the honey badger fighting and killing elephants, Chris Christie has a Republican Party by the balls.

A Majestic Chris Christie Holding his Ice Cream Scepter 

From Huffington Post

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R.) was not extended an invitation to address this year's Conservative Political Action Conference because his position on gun control leaves him with a "limited future" in the Republican Party, a "CPAC insider" told The National Review Tuesday. But Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union, which hosts CPAC, said instead it was Christie's advocacy on a Hurricane Sandy relief bill, and more broadly what he saw as his less-than-conservative record, that led him not to be invited to the annual meeting.
“We felt that the governor’s tone and attitude regarding this relief bill, which was really a pork bill, did not justify an invitation to the conservative conference and we took a pass this year,” Cardenas said, according to The Washington Times.
Cardenas told the National Journal that based on Christie's conservative record over the past year, he didn't make "the all-star game."
“CPAC is like the all-star game for professional athletes; you get invited when you have had an outstanding year,” Cardenas said in an email to the National Journal. “Hopefully he will have another all-star year in the future, at which time we will be happy to extend an invitation. This is a conservative conference, not a Republican Party event.”
The National Review reported Tuesday that the decision may also reflect how Christie is viewed within the party.

Big Man Big Appetite No Apologies!

So far Gov. Christie has shown the toughness of the water buffalo and the I don't give a shit attitude of the honey badger but one has to ask what other side of Chris Christie might come out in this? If the honey badger comes out he will quickly gobble up the CPAP creeps but if an angry water buffalo emerges it could get even uglier for the criminal wing of the GOP. Water buffaloes have been known to fight off an entire pack of lions and kill a few in the process.
Currently Chris Christie's approval rating is above 70%. When was the last time a Republican had a favorable approval rating let alone one of 70%? Chris Christie is not only large and in charge, he's totally in charge and the more he tells the Republicans to go fuck themselves the better he looks to voters. Chris Christie may be facing some stiff competition in 2016 from a increasingly rotund Hillary Clinton and a portly governor Richardson. Christie may also have a tough time finding a running mate who could match his girth, appetite, commonsense and take no prisoners style.
Right now Chris Christie is large and in charge while the entire Republican Party is small and not all.
It is premature for Bigger Fatter Politics to endorse a presidential candidate but we will say at this point we will not rule out endorsing Chris Christie. If we do it will be a landmark decision because if we do endorse Gov. Christie it will be the first time in history of Bigger Fatter Politics that we have endorsed a Republican.
We had urge Gov. Chris Christie to join with our own Belly Boy and become a member of the Pizza Party. Like Belly Boy Gov. Christie is an extra cheese extra pepperoni type politician and have sort of Republican appeals to the 70% and by 70% I mean 70% of fat and obese Americans who are also extra cheese extra pepperoni voters. 


  1. That article made my cunt tingle. Thanks for posting it!

    1. It made my belly rumble. We fat boys have very educated tongues made especially for tingling cunts.


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