Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mitch McConnell Liar and Traitor vs Ashley Judd Talented Patriot

Liar Traitor McConnell vs Patriot Ashley Judd

When it come to political whores Mitch McConnell wins the gold medal. McConnell is the epitome of the slimy politician. Some underground patriot group bugged his office and caught him trying to dig up shit to use against Ashley Judd. While bugging his office may be illegal wire tapping it was the right thing to do. Public officials should be under scrutiny simply because they are public officials and in the case of thugs like Mitch McConnell, they should be watched 24/7.

During this strategy session—a recording of which was obtained by Mother JonesMcConnell and his aides/henchmen considered assaulting Judd for her past struggles with depression and for her religious views.

It get much sleazier from the Republicans and Mitch the king of slime McConnell.

More Mother Jones coverage of Mitch McConnell and the 2014 Kentucky Senate race.
I am sure you are asking what is the fat angle here besides McConnell's massive throat blubber he uses for vocal resonance in his filabusters.

A source close to the Judd Family reports that jealous fat sister Wynonna leaked medical records about Ashley's depression to a McConnell aid. While this report can't be confirmed it is true that the Judds have had a tumultuous family relationship for a long time. Ashley Judd is a hot one and she's skinny and we all know how wrathful and jealous fat girls can be. Wynonna is no exception. We also know that Wynonna Judd is quite unhinged. The plot gets thicker. Rumors have been circulating for years that Mitch McConnell is a boy buggering closet queen. This is probably true. The Republican Party should have a pink elephant for its logo because so many of its members are closet boy buggering homosexuals.  It is also no secret that Wynonna Judd is huge gay fan base. We at bigger fatter politics suspect that this is in part a case of sour grapes as well as the usual Republican political slime.

Die of a heart attack you nasty fat fucking pig!

Now for some hot pictures of Ashley Judd and her fat mean sister Wynonna:


Why Wynonna why? Why would you throw Ashley under the bus just because she's prettier than you and people like her better? You can't have it both ways. You can either give up the fattitude and the junk food and booze and eat 2000 calories a day or you can be proud of your gluttony and flaunt you flab like other proud fat girl gluttons.  Obviously deep down gluttony provides a bigger payoff than  looking better than your sister. That being said, I will post a picture of you when you were not as fat and how you look now. Maybe then you can make up your mind. What's it gonna be Wynonna, food or family?

Country music has a criminal element that is every bit as big as what is found in rap. To see how country music wrecks family values click here.

Wynona I s fucking fucked up piece of White trash drama queen shit who needs the fucking shit slapped out of her.


  1. Beauty and the beast!

    1. Who, Ashley vs Wynonna or Ashley vs Bitch McCONell?

  2. Fat Bastard, you aren't the only one to out that old closet queen McConnell. Check this out! http://www.waff.com/story/9229031/top-gay-activist-blogger-goes-public-with-investigation-into-senator-mitch-mcconnell

  3. McConnell, Larry Craig, Vitter and Graham are all light in the loafers.

    1. McConnell takes it in the ass as to most men in Kentucky the homo capital of the south.


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