Saturday, April 27, 2013

My How We Have Grown Fat

The biggest guy in 1903 would be a skinny runt today! Today the average fatling is fatter than the fattest guy was in 1903. OINK! In a mere 100 years Americans have reached gargantuan proportions. The American obesity epidemic bloom is inspiring! OINK! OINK! OINK!


PIG Prestige Integrity and Guts
We we we we we we at Bigger Fatter Politics would like to thank our men and women in blue for ushering in the big fat era of greedy gluttony. Now America has another good reason to call them pigs. BACON BACON I SMELL BACON OINK OINK OINK

Fattest Jobs for Men

Public Safety

(58 percent obese): This job includes more than just the police officials; security or anyone involved with government--whether it is at the local, state or national level. Although the positions are important to keep our citizens safe, the job itself often involves sitting on their behinds in a car while eating donuts and does not allow for a lot of movement other than beating a suspect.


Private household occupations

(37.7 percent obese): Telecommuting and working from home have been on the upswing due to exceedingly high gas prices. Those who work from home may be saving money on gas, but the truth is these jobs often involve little more than sitting in front of a computer screen. It probably doesn't help much that the fridge is no more than a few rooms away.

Motor vehicle operators

(35.9 percent obese): They may help us get from point A to point B, but the fact remains, motor vehicle operators are stationary throughout their work day. In fact, one study of bus drivers in the Philadelphia found that male bus drivers had higher body mass indexes (BMI) than the national average in all age demographics.

Computer equipment operators

(33.1 percent obese): This should come as no surprise. If your job revolves around computer equipment, it also revolves around inactivity. What's more, a study conducted by Statistics Canada found that adults who spend over three hours a day sitting in front of a computer are more likely to be obese.



Health assessment/treating occupations

(41.2 percent obese): The clean, sterile surroundings in which health assessment employees work give off the perception of a healthy environment. The truth is your doctors, nurses MRI technicians, pharmacy aides, medical assistants, and lab analyzers aren't doing much as far as healthy movement goes. These positions require long, odd hours that can make evening or weekend workouts difficult.



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