Thursday, April 11, 2013

Republican Philosophy:Hooray For Me and Screw You

Remember "compassionate conservatism"? Bush may have been half serious or half in the bag when he coined the phrase compassionate conservatism. With Wall Street thriving and the rich getting richer and the poor and middle class getting fucked Randianism is alive and well. Today's Republican philosophy is anything but compassionate or conservative.

Today's so called conservatives ushered in the era of big government and are now blaming it on the Democrats. Bush  and his Rethuglicans  spent far  more than Bill Clinton. Obama is still paying for all the reckless years of Republican borrow and spend and bankster thievery that trashed the economy.

Thankfully Obama is cutting the Bush deficit but he is still paying for Bush's military adventurism and unfunded and wasted wars.

Hooray For Me and SCREW ALL OF YOU SUCKERS Who Still Believe the American Dream Bullshit! 

The victims of the Bush economy are the working poor and the shrinking middle class but as usual the Republican and doing what guilty remorseless criminals do best, they are blaming their victims. 

Finally the economy is picking steam and the Dow is hitting record highs but the folks on Main Street have yet to see it as the gap between the haves (corporate gangsters and filthy banksters) and the have nots (the wage slaves who make corporate gangsters filthy rich) widens.


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