Friday, April 5, 2013

Target Gaffe That Insults Fat Women Is Actually Fat Friendly

It is perfectly acceptable to refer to lean women are chicks, birds or foxes so why not refer to fat women are sows, whales or manatees?  Target is on the cutting edge with this.

The Fatosphere is Going Nuts! 

Someone's idea of a mean joke? Absolutely not, says Target spokesman Joshua Thomas.
He points out that "Manatee Gray" is a color found on many products across a range of categories on the Target website, some of them in women's regular and even petite sizes.

In this case, he says, there were two different teams of buyers responsible for the "missy" and plus-size product lines, and the teams didn't coordinate when they inputted the product information for the site. One team apparently used the color's official name, Manatee Grey, while the other eyeballed it.

Those of us in the new fat acceptance applaud Target. Target is a very fat friendly store. Many Target stores house fast food restaurants such all McDonalds and Blimpie Subs.

Target is also a fat friendly employer offering their security force mobility scooters. That even goes fat friendly Walmart one better. Target knows that most cops and security guards are fat and they are willing to accomodate them at their expense.

We give Target 4 out of 4 pigs for fat friendliness.

I have a few suggestions for color desciptions.

Pizza Sauce Red

Oxen Blue

 Portly Plum Purple

Whale White

Pig Pink

Buffalo Brown

Ox Orange

Glutton Green  

Black Hole Black


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